Barrett Ruud “Most Effective Against The Run”

July 20th, 2011

Who knew Barrett Ruud was a run-stuffer?

Well, that’s what sound analyst and former NFL head coach Brian Billick wants fans to believe. Billick penned rankings and breakdowns of his top linebackers available in free agency for and Ruud checked in at No. 7. Quincy Black didn’t make the list.

7. Barrett Ruud: ILB, Tampa Bay

Ruud is best as a traditional 4-3 middle linebacker and is most effective against the run. He has led the Buccaneers in tackles the past four seasons, with 511 during that span.

Potential landing spots: New York Giants, Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay passed up the opportunity to sign Ruud to a long–term deal last offseason, opting instead to re-sign offensive lineman Donald Penn. Ruud responded by totaling 118 tackles, two sacks and one interception. Even with his steady play, some question his ability in coverage and that may minimize his importance in the Buccaneers’ Tampa 2 defense. That leaves the door open for the New York Giants to add Ruud to an already good defense. The Giants were the seventh-best defense in the entire league and led the NFL in regards to stopping/gaining explosive plays.

Now there’s a twist: Ruud’s stronger against the run than in coverage. Joe’s never seen such varying assessments of a player with so much time logged in the NFL.

It seems in a matter of hours, Bucs fans will find out what Mark Dominik thinks of Mr. Ruud. Regardless, there will be outrage among many Bucs fans.

49 Responses to “Barrett Ruud “Most Effective Against The Run””

  1. Dan Says:

    football outsiders names ruud comparable to jonathan vilma via stats including run stopping and other tackling stats. an interesting addition to this written by billick

    and your right Joe, soon we will know how Dominic feels i hope I’m right.

  2. Gary Says:

    Billick has it backwards. Ruud is better in coverage vs the run. But it’s too late in the game to let him go. We should resign him unless he wants to get paid like he is ray Lewis.

  3. Dave Says:

    Obviously Billick had a script to follow and got it backwards.

    That said, I have been saying for awhile that he is not as good in coverage as many believe.

  4. Chris FWC :) Says:

    I haven’t been so confused from a verdict since the CA trial.

  5. BOb Says:

    franchise tag! with that said, i think its unfair to be able to franchise a player more than once. i hope they were able to change that rule in this new c.b.a.. i heard they were definitely trying to get it changed.

  6. Brandon Says:

    Even coaches play the race card. They see a stocky white MLB and figure he MUST be strong against the run and weak against the pass. Not even close, Billick. This is why you are an unemployed offensive genius that only got his job in Baltimore because he was riding the coat-tails and perfect storm of Randy Moss, Cris Carter, Robert Smith, Jeff George, and Jake Reed’s career seasons in Minnesota. Then he got to Baltimore and failed to make them adequate on offense and then the rode the perfect storm of one of the top three defenses (tops against the run) of the modern NFL (the 02 Bucs and 85 Bears being the other two) to a Super Bowl championship. He was a below average coach and the fact that he hasn’t gotten even a nibble on a new job is testament to that fact, despite the Super Bowl victory on his resume.

    Like most analysts, Billick does a half-ass job doing his scouting, instead relying on his perceived experience, to tell it like he sees it. Lucky for Raven fans, Marvin Lewis and Ray Lewis were in charge of the D in Baltimore in 2000.

  7. JakeBucsFan Says:

    I would accuse Billick of just looking at the stat sheet to make his observations on Ruud, but he announced just about every single Bucs game this season so he saw him play plenty. Interesting how diverse the opinions on this one guy are…

  8. McBuc Says:

    Brandon….sounds allot like Chucky…Except Chucky gave Oakland a good shot of offense.

  9. Macabee Says:

    Barrett Ruud is an enigma to me. I don’t have a problem with his play and I won’t have a problem if the Bucs resign him. The Giants aren’t exactly neophytes when it comes to defense. They aren’t interested in him because he can’t play the position. Experts say he is doing exactly what the Bucs are asking of him and the Bucs, or at least Raheem Morris says he loves the guy and wants him back. Here’s where the confusion comes in. Why haven’t the Bucs given him a long-term contract before now and what has changed that would make them eager to do so now? From Barrett’s perspective, does he really want to play here and has he given 100% since he sat on his helmet? Now you must consider the source, but Rick Stroud says “I think he’s tired of the debate”. The talk about using the franchise tag to hold him over for 1 year for the sole purpose of training someone (Foster/McKenzie) to replace him is a recipe for disaster and borders on the unethical. I don’t know what to believe, but as Joe said, we will soon find out.

  10. McBuc Says:

    Macabee…It is not SOP for the Bucs to extend contracts early. Penn was more the exception than the rule. I agree with your statements about his play. People are just looking for someone to blame. It amazes me how the posters on JBF hang on every word Steve White says, in fact they want the Bucs to hire Steve, but they ignore what he says about Ruud.

  11. T in Orlando Says:

    I agree that Billick only half-asses his assesment. Anyone who’s watched the Bucs play the past two years would not say Ruud’s strength is against the Run. I also agree with the Assessment that Ruud does pretty much excactly what his coaches tell him to do, with the exception being getting plowed by running backs that are 220+ lbs (I saw that too many times last year, what good is being in position if you can’t even stand a guy up until help arrives?). I was a Ruud fan for the longest time, and he may be the smartest player on the defense, if not the entire team, but I feel he just lacks the physicality needed to play within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage.

  12. RIs_Buc Says:

    Ruud the run stuffer, Biggers the 3rd best CB in the league, our OLine ranked 30th in the league…

    Ive read all three in the past month from credible scouts – dont believe the hype guys.

  13. Capt.Tim Says:

    Lol! Wow that muddied dirty water!! Ruud isn’t put in a posistion here to show his run stopping skills. What I think that opinion is based on, is what intrigues everyone.

    Ruud constantly is one on one with Running backs, going full speed, in the open field. And he has always made the tackle. That’s pretty amazing. Ray Lewis couldnt do that. Brian Urlacher couldn’t do that. That’s an amazing thing to watch, game in and game out. I’m sure Ruid will be a beast in a traditional MLB role. He has amazing speed and is unbelievably sound at making tackles.

    Ruud is excellent in coverage. So good that it is a problem. The cpaching staff can’t figure out why he doesnt get more interceptions, or ” Splash plays”. The only real problem the team has with Barrett is- as great as he is, why doesn’t he have more game changing plays? That’s the only real issue I’ve heard with Ruud. All the rest is just fans,who don’t understand football, trying to be experts. Ruud was a very good MLB for this team. And very intelligent! He loss this season will keep us out if the playoffs, and that sucks!

  14. Mauha Deeb Says:

    How was this guy ever a coach?

  15. Nick2 Says:

    Oh my lord, poor Billick did the standard “look at how many tackles he has he must be a run stopper!!” He of all commentators who have watched the Bucs alot I would think better of. To anyone who wonders (High amounts of tackles does not make him a great run stopper!!!) In fact I would say he is a better outside linebacker “cover type” guy than a run stopper thats a joke.

  16. Nick2 Says:

    Captain Tim he was soooooooo good he gave up 157 yards in one half to some no name guy called Ryan Torain. Oh yes it was the system that made him backpedal when everyone at Fedex Field knew they were going to run the ball right up the gut time and time again. Everybody but Barret Ruud or maybe he knew but he just chose to play soft???????

  17. thomas 2.2 Says:

    It proves how clueless the anti-Ruud sheep are. A football season is a collection of 1000 defensive plays. Ruud gets over 1 time in a year and that is all the clueless fan recognizes and remembers. If you understand football and break down a seasons worth of film you appreciate ruud as a run defender.

  18. Mauha Deeb Says:

    @nick2 I remember that game. I also remember there being 10 other players on the field. How in the world do you justify blaming Ruud for all of the yards Torain gained? I am all ears.

  19. Brandon Says:

    Thomas 2.2.. I don’t appreciate being among the worst in the NFL in run defense the past two years. Sooooo, somewhere in those 1000 plays, Ruud wasn’t doing his job… and I’ll give you a clue, the most yards a player can get in one play is 99… so that means there were lots of bad plays 6-7 yards downfield where Ruud didn’t do his job. Take off the blinders, open your eyes, and actually watch the games, please. Ruud is a liability.

  20. Brandon Says:

    Macabee, letting somebody else to replace Ruud could be a recipe for disaster? How much worse can it get, really? I’m not sure of the stats, but I’m pretty confident that the Bucs have been the worst in the NFL the past two combined years in run defense. Obviously, we can be bad against the run WITH Ruud… but seriously, how much worse can it get?

  21. Joe Says:


    Macabee, letting somebody else to replace Ruud could be a recipe for disaster? How much worse can it get, really?

    Read Joe’s interviews/posts with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan. They spell it out.

  22. Capt.Tim Says:

    Nick2 – again, ignorance of the defensive scheme only saves you, If you don’t call me out! If you don’t know what you’re talking about, and arethen stupid enough to call me out- you get the lash- bite onto to a piece of leather- this will hurt!

    Ruud gave up 157 yards? What, he was the only one ours there? Why not blame Ronde? Or Talib? Or one of the other guys in coverage? WhO cares how many yards we gave up? I care that the youngest team in NFL history won 10 games! Why? Because we didn’t care about giving up yard to the running game!!! We dedicated to defense to STOPPING THE PASS!! And it worked. Only two teams we played all year proved they can beat you running the Ball- Pittsburgh and Baltimore. It’s a passing league now, wake up- this isn’t the 70’s, and nobody runs the football to win anymore. They run to keep the defense honest!

    Nick- if we were the least bit worried about rushing yards, would we have played a 3-3-5 defense over half the time?? Do you even know what that is?
    It’s 3 linemen, 3 linebackers, and 5 Defensive backs. Do you know what kind of defense that is? It’s a PASS defense. We ran it HALF the time last year!! Do you know why? To stop the pass!! At the expense of stopping the run! Because Raheem knew that , if we stopped the Pass- we win!! I don’t care how many yards Ryan whoever runs for. And the Coach was right, and we were a tie breaker away from the playoffs, with the most rookie starters in NFL history

    If you knew any of this, you wouldnt be posting stupid statements. Ruud isn’t a tradition MLB- as every expert in the damn world has posted here!! Read and learn something, save yourself from looking ignorant. Ruud is a pass defender first and Foremost. If he is tackling a RB, it’s because our Lame OLB(as every expert agrees- suck) didn’t do there jobs. The team employed a stategy of focusing on stopping the pass, not the run. It worked very well, and we had a great season! I don’t care how many yards Ryan whatever ran for. I also don’t care about the opinion of someone who is totally clueless about what he’s posting- although by now you should bee a little better educated- you’re welcome, Dork!

  23. Capt.Tim Says:

    By the way, Nick2, Brian Billick coached a team to the SuperBowl. He might know a wee bit more about Pro football players than
    Some dork sitting on his couch, drunk on cheap beer and playing pocket pool.

  24. Bucnjim Says:

    If Ruud is responsible for getting guys lined up; then shouldn’t some of the blame be his for being last in run defense the last 36 games? If I were playing MLB and I had audible responsibility to stop a team from gashing us up the middle; am I not the one who would take a good portion of the blame? You can’t be last at ANYTHING and have people say you’re good at being last. My problem has never been with Ruud the player; it’s been with Ruud the CAPTAIN & Ruud the LEADER. He has always thought of himself (along with his agent) to be an elite LB worthy of top 5-10 salary. What suprises me is the fact that when his name comes up in free agency; only 2 teams come up: Giants & Bucs. Elite players have every team in the league (whether 4-3 D or not) knocking at their doors. If Ruud does resign then I’ll cheer for him just like I do every year. After all; we’re all Bucs fans just with different opinions.

  25. Macabee Says:

    Brandon, A clarification. I will not enter the fray for or against Barrett Ruud. I am perfectly willing to let the Bucs make that decision. My comment specifically referred to the surreptitious use of the franchise tag to selfishly hold a player back for the sole purpose of training a replacement with the full and knowing intent to discard the player after his window of opportunity has possibly closed. I believe Dominik to have more integrity than that.

  26. gotbbucs Says:

    As long as Rudd isn’t asking for a king’s ransom then I’m pretty indifferent as to whether they resign him or not. I absolutely do not want to see them use the tag on him, not sure if they can even use it at this point, because I don’t think you’ll get the best he can play if that happens.
    Either way, I want to see quite a bit of Foster and Watson on the field this year.

  27. Meh Says:

    Huh?!? Ruud is pretty good at pass protection but a terrible tackler, especially against the run. This is just nonsense from Billick.

  28. McBuc Says:

    Maccabee…This happens in corporate America all the time, and the NFL is about as big as big business gets.

  29. McBuc Says:

    Not to mention, it is not like the tag is a low ball number. I be AT is happy he got tagged now.

  30. Nick2 Says:

    Captain Tim I am assuming you are a former coach or player? The way you go on and on about everyone not understand I assume you have a wealth of football knowledge only a coach would have. The one thing you can’t argue is Dominick hasn’t given him an offer yet so he obviously doesn’t think as highly of Mr Ruud as you or all of these people dying to get him back would you agree with that? I trust Mark Dominick to do the right thing. Thanks Mark for not throwing the bank at Mr. Ruud.

  31. Nick2 Says:

    Capt. Tim stupidity is sitting here typing a 3 page diatribe for a player who is on their way out the door or at least will not get the mega deal he does not deserve. Stupidity is someone who is a fan just like the rest of us speaking down to the “masses” as if he took lessons from Buddy Ryan or played next to Ray Nitchke. Yes your diatribe was a bunch of hot air because you know no more than the rest of us Capt. Tim so go write your diatribes elsewhere we have more important things to worry about. Oh one more thing Ruud stinks Muhaahhhhhahhahhah

  32. McBuc Says:

    Nick2…It is not the SOP of the Bucs to negotiate contracts early, Penn was the exception more than the rule. The lockout slowed down the process as well.

  33. Bucnjim Says:

    I think Ruud’s contract has been up twice now hasn’t it? First the RFA tender in 2009; then not resigning him to a long term deal at the end of last season. Besides; the writing is probably already on the wall if Ruud is sitting on his A$$ back in Nebraska. If he thinks he’s coming back to Tampa then I have no respect for him not showing up to the 3 day player only practice to show support. Two years to show he’s a stud and ended up being a dud. Even average players kill it in contract years!

  34. McBuc Says:

    Bucnjim…I think you are right! I stand corrected, but maybe if we did not have the lockout he would have a contract by now. I forgot about the tender. The labor issues have slowed many players contract talks down though, so I am not sure that it makes a difference on the desire to keep him or not. I beleive they will make him an offer or franchise him. I also agree he should have been with the team.

  35. MTM Says:

    Mr. Billshick your credibility just took a hit. You are now in the same category a Gruden in 2 ways.
    1) “offensive guru” label that is ludicrous.
    2) a real lack of the obvious.

    Ruud’s game film from last year should be studied by all incoming rookie linebackers on what NOT to do. When Grimm is coming up and making more plays in his rookie season than our QB on defense.

    I know Ruud is just doing what he is asked.
    Apparently Raheem is asking him to take bad angles, run from contact and drag tackle unknown RB’s 10yds down the field while there on their way to 100 plus yard games.
    Free agency will be the real test to what the rest of the NFL thinks.

  36. Paul Says:

    I think he still means that Ruud is horrible at the run, just better at it than coverage.

  37. Tom Says:

    That’s a nice photo of Ruud, Joe. Did his agent send it to you?

  38. K2theSoldier Says:

    @Nick2, Torain isn’t as useless as you make him out to be. He ran all over the Bears defense and had a few other good games in limited playing time. The guys gonna be pretty good.

  39. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Funny but on yahoo’s sports section Ruud isn’t even listed in the depth roster:

    They have McKenzie listed as the starter with Foster as the back-up

  40. FreemanBomb5 Says:

    Nick 2,
    I agree with you that Ruud is garbage. I honestly think that Mason Foster can start and our rush defense would improve somewhat. I did try to like Ruud and supported him for years, UNTIL when I saw in person Mike Goodson of Carolina (who isn’t a very big back either) come bursting thru a hole and Ruud coming full speed only to try a shoe string tackle instead of jack the rookie ball carrier up which resulted in a Carolina first down. This play made me much more critical of Ruud, and now after a full season of dissapointments out of Ruud; I give up on him. Move on the next one, maybe Foster or McKenzie can bring some fire from our mike linebacker spot.

  41. BigMacAttack Says:

    I don’t care if he comes back or not. It’s pretty much whatever, if they sign him great, if they don’t that’s okay with me too. I trust Dom and his decisions. He knows a helluva lot more than I do or that little twerp annoyance T2. My instinct tells me that if Dom wanted to keep Ruud he would have signed him last season. I’m just ready for the first game and getting my life back to normal, and tired of the whole Barrett Ruud discussion, which is something I think Ruud and I do agree on.

  42. Espo Says:

    Can’t stand Billick.

  43. Jonny Says:

    Captain Tim is more delusional than Billick in this matter.

  44. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah, let’s see. Steve White, Monte Kiffin, Derreck Brooks, Pat Kirwan, Raheem Morris, Tim Ryan, Rich Gannon,Brian Billick, etc, plus I all think Ruud is invaluable to the team. Former players, coaches- lotta Super Bowl rings.

    Nick2, freeman5 bomb(wha??), and lil Jonny – 3 random dorks( probably 12 year olds) Don’t think so



    Yeah, I’m more comfortable being on the side with the intelligent opinions. You kids go play.

  45. Tampa2 Says:

    Good Posts on Ruud Tim. Some of these posters are hilarious. They forget that there are 10 other players on defense & just blame Ruud for any and all yardage gained against the defense.It doesn’t matter that the D-line got blown off the ball and the Running back is at full speed 5 yards past the line of scrimage in 2 seconds. Nor does it matter that Our Defensive genius HC/DC calls the 3-3-5 over half the plays. It is still Ruuds fault! Keep trusting BigMac! I’m sure that Dominik knows all! After all, isn’t he the one that said McCoy was better than Suh when he drafted McCoy?

  46. McBuc Says:

    I almost thought I was going to agree with Tampa 2…then he went all crazy. I believe Dom said GMC fit our system, and he said it AFTER we drafted him. Why would he come out and say “well guys, we had to settle for this guy”. You truly are an a-hole. I wish you and Tom 2 would figure out that the Lions were not going to give up their spot. Everyone knew that Suh was a once in a generation player. that is why Joe refers to him as “Man Beast”. Also, go back and reread Capt. Tim’s post. He supports the 3-3-5 decision. Rah knew he had to try and stop one or the other, so he went with the strength of the defense and shut down the run. I agree with what you are saying about Ruud, and these people that cannot see the forest for the trees on him, but the rest of your post is your usual asinine garbage.

  47. Anthony` Says:

    Pretty sure Billick is an offense guy. He would have loved to have Robert Smith or Jamal Lewis running right at this guy. A guaranteed 7 ypc every time.

  48. McBuc Says:

    That should have seaid “shut down the pass”…oops

  49. BigMacAttack Says:

    Ruud covers about as much as a flapper’s skirt in a high wind.