Winslow Says Talib Necessary To Win Super Bowl

June 3rd, 2011

Love and support for Aqib Talib keeps pouring in from all angles. (Joe will have more on that tomorrow.)

The latest comes from Kellen Winslow, Jr., the Bucs’ leading receiver each of the past two seasons. He had a chat with before appearing live on Total Access tonight. For those with Outhouse Networks cable television, Total Access is the NFL Network’s nightly show.

In the extensive Q & A, Winslow was asked about Aqib Talib and explained that Talib is the second most important player on the Bucs.

Bucs CB Aqib Talib is in the middle of a tumultuous offseason. How important is he to your team?

KW: We need that guy to win. Talking about Super Bowls — we need him really more than anyone besides Freeman. He’s that good. He locks down receivers. He’s got to iron out what he’s got to iron out, but we need him as much as anybody.

Now Joe has written before that the Bucs don’t need Talib. They had success without him and he’s unreliable at best.

However, Winslow’s point is clear. Talib is a massive talent, and the Bucs need him to completely — not partially — straighten out his act. Joe believes Talib will get one more chance in Tampa, despite the St. Pete Times’ unsourced and unwavering claim that the Bucs have already decided to cut him.

28 Responses to “Winslow Says Talib Necessary To Win Super Bowl”

  1. Gary Says:

    K2 is right. Talib is too good to think we can get by without him. Joe’s point is well taken, we did ok without him. But to go an extended period without a lockdown corner is a recipe for disaster.

    Talib’s only flaw was his tendency to gamble. Imagine if he addressed that! We wouldnt be having conversations about keeping him or not, it would be clear cut that we cant lose him.

  2. Gary Says:

    What pisses me off most about his case was that he was apparently quoted saying he will throw his career away while fighting Billings. That means he wasn’t in some blind rage and was thinking pretty clearly.

    One last chance if he gets a plea deal. 4 gm suspension from the warden. We sign Nnamdi and TJack comes back to the player he was! lol.. thats my dream scenario.

  3. Atrain WD40 Says:

    I know Joe despises Goodell and I more often than not defend Roger but I think we need an independent disciplinary committee. He is trying to police the personal lives and not the players profesional behavior.

  4. gotbbucs Says:

    bottom line in the nfl is talent, something aqib talib has alot of. possesion of that one thing will allow him to stick around for a while. this is undoubtably his last chance.

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey Gary keep dreaming….

  6. BucFan941 Says:

    i have bright house and watch nfl network online free…its ez joe joe hoe hoe 4 sho

  7. Mr. Lucky Says:

    So it’s OK to forgive people if they’ve got talent right?

    Didn’t that crap get our country into the financial mess we went through? Well sure they cheated but they’re really good at picking stocks.

    Have some backbone or grow some integrity for a change – cut your losses with Talib.

    If you need illegal drug users (Tanard Jackson) and helmet wielding, cabby punching, shooting ball players to win…..I don’t think so! Remember the days of Father Dungy when players had to be socially responsible AND good football players?

  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Mr. Lucky,

    I don’t think it’s a matter of forgiving Talib. Obviously, Talib does get a longer leash, as any star player does on any team in any league. However, I think in this case it really comes down to a couple things. First and most importantly, is he guilty, not guilty, or completely innocent. I tend to believe (according to the affidavit Joe posted the other day), he falls into the not guilty category, but my bias leans me more towards the innocent category. I don’t think you cut him unless he falls into the guilty category. To do so is foolish in my opinion.

    The second thing that is in Talib’s favor is that he appears to be a very good teammate, and a very hard worker. There’s an article on pewter report (sorry Joe, I know you don’t like them, lol) that I suggest you read. It’s Ronde Barber’s opinion of Talib and the situation. He basically says he is a great teammate, has a tremendous work ethic and football I.Q., and is going to be the best CB we have ever had. Many other players have come to his defense, which definitely means something. Capt. Tim was a big anti-Talib guy, but I think even he is starting to do a flip-flop due to these reasons.

  9. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    @BucFan941 – Smells like goodfellajay in the house

  10. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I just saw Winslow on Total Access. The first person he gave credit for last year was Raheem. Take that and suck on it Thomas!!!

  11. jarrett Says:

    Gentlemen of the jury i rest my case

  12. Ash Says:

    Great interview and how money is Rich Eisen? The best studio host in sports and it isnt even close.

  13. Dylan Says:

    hahaha joe this is hilarious.. please do not try to say you want talib back back after all these bucs are coming out to support him. Ive posted plenty of times since he got arrested that the bucs need him and he is to good of a talent to just release or trade for basically defending his sister. And every time you bashed on me saying he is not needed. Along with 80% of the readers.

  14. BucFan941 Says:

    u block him too many times cant be..can have not beef..

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    My opinion has soften somewhat, due entirely to the support of his more honorable teamates. If Rhonde Barber wants us to give him a chance, – then we do. Rhonde, not Aqib, has earned the right. We still don’t trust Aqib. We still sign our Real CB. We play Talib when he’s around, but are smart enough to know he will fail us again.

    When we sign a Vet CB, then Talib can succeed or fail sa he feels, he won’t affect the Team’s future, only his own.

    With alll his screwups, and his career in Jepordy, at least we can keep him Cheap. He had deflated his value tremendously.

    I’ve seen some horrible people unexpectedly behave honorably in my life. And I’ve seen some of the most honorable go bad. I hope Aqib will redeem himself. But I don’t think there is a chance of it
    We can’t depend in him, and must
    move ahead accordingly.

  16. Bucnjim Says:

    The Bucs are in a tough situation. If they keep Talib it hurts their credibility in handling players. The problem is; if the cut Talib someone like Sean Payton will be more than happy to give him another chance. Then it’ll come back and bite us in the A$$ twice a year. It would probably be in the teams best interest to give him the opportunity to straighten out. Then if something happens after this he’ll be suspended for a year and it won’t make any difference because it’s too hard to come back after a year out of football. That is of course unless he’s found guilty; then it won’t make a difference either way.

  17. Buccobobcat Says:

    Too often people are tried in the media. At times the perception is correct, but often enough many are unfairly swayed by the sensationalism of the story without having the facts to base their opinion on.

    I will let him have his day in court and allow the judgement to speak for Talib’s future.

    If he is found guilty of a felony, you have to cut ties. If he is found not guilty then the powers that be within the Buc’s organization will still have to determine whether Talib is capable of moving away from a very disturbing pattern of behavior.

    At that point all we can really do is accept their decision, because they know the man, we only know what is written about him.

  18. Capt.Tim Says:

    Buccobobcat- not true. This isn’t a one time event, to be judged on it’s own. This is a pattern. Anyone and everyone can screw up once, even to the point of endangering career and reputation. That’s part of being human. You forgive, and move on.

    It’s the fact that he constantly has issues that makes him undependable. He shows no accountability for his actions. He has had a choice in every instance, to avoid the problem and the repercussions. He choses to involve and incriminate himself. He’s only been here 4 years, and has been involved in two disciplinary level incidents each year!

    Don’t believe for a minute The Saints would sign him. They won’t. Neither would the Falcons. They emphasis accountability, and run Class organizations. Talib is more embarrassment and trouble to his team than he’s worth.

    Dallas has become classless. They would sign him( he’ll, they signed his idol- The P.O.S. Pacman Jones). The Raiders might, but I really don’t think so. He’d probably end up a Bengal. But don’t worry about facing him twice a year.

    I’m sure he’s not done screwing up. I bet he’s just getting started.

  19. bucswin Says:

    KW is right. We need Talib to have a shot at a SB these next couple of years. Of course, if we get Aso, Talib is expendable. But is getting Aso realistic?

  20. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Look i’m not going to say Talib isn’t talented – he is; so in Retard Jackson and look at what he did.

    When a player screws up and affects himself, shame on that player. But in this case Talib is going to get suspended for ____ games and THAT affects his teammates. It happened last year for both TJax and Talib.

    Who’s to say that when the Bucs go to London this year Talib won’t try to slap aound a cop over there? Sorry but I just don’t trust the dude and with Cody Grim returnng and with the other players the Bucs have I’d rather cut ties NOW so Talib won’t screw the Bucs later down the road.

  21. Mr. Lucky Says:

    In the same vein look at Tanard Jackson – in 2009 he served a 4 game suspension but played a LOT in the preseason. Do you think he learned his lesson?

    Sure so much that he got suspended for the entire 2010 season.

    How can you trust a lowlife like that? Pathetic.

  22. Mr. Lucky Says:

    And to all you Talib apologists chew on this:

    When Talib went out for the season the Bucs still went 3-1.

  23. Patrick Says:

    Seriously, quit using the 3-1 without Talib crap everybody. That doesn’t mean anything. In 2 of those games, we played the Seattle $h!thawks and the Deadskins, who we beat because of a failed extra point. Oh and we barely squeaked out one against the washed up Delhomme led Browns. If you put Talib in that game, we win by 10, not 3.

    The Saints game was very impressive though. But Biggers is no where near the caliber of a player Talib is. Biggers doesn’t get any interceptions like Talib does, and that’s a thing that’d be taken away from our defense if Talib wasn’t around.

    We need Talib next year! If not, bring in Asomougha! Biggers would be a downgrade.

  24. BucFan941 Says:


  25. jarrett Says:

    Tim it takes a big man to admit that you were kind of wrong, now my next goal is to get you to spell ronde instead of rhonde. Tim you are right we need to start planning as if aqib isnt here because we can not depend on him, asomugha would be an amazing start. I hope aqib starts to get it soon because he can be special with his size and speed combination.

  26. jarrett Says:

    We went 3 and 1 without mccoy so we dont need him either right. That is the dumbest arguement ever. Almost as dumb as using the one play against the steelers to determine how good aqib is. Sadly they are both joes arguement. We went 3 and 1 without arrelious benn lets cut him to he sucks. so dumb

  27. Mr. Lucky Says:

    What is wrong with you RETARDS????

    Stats don’t count just wins and loses….ISN’T THAT YOUR MOTTO?

    Talib is good but just because Talib doesn’t play doesn’t mean the Bucs are worse off.

    You people have no freakin LOGIC, just your own opinions which are fine but you don’t know jack.

    Logic 101 – try it and maybe you’ll learn something. Oh and by the way for all you Talib apologists maybe you should take an ETHICS COURSE as well.

    God I am so sick of people wanting this punk piece of trash on the team because as K2 says, ‘we need him for the SB’.

    1. Talib is gonna be suspended for 4 games minimum. So for that 4 game streak who’s gonna play in that position? Will the Bucs let Talib play in the preseason and take playing time away from that 4-game starter like they did in 2009 with Tanard Jackson – see how THAT turned out?

    2. What happens when Talib screws up AGAIN?????? Oh but it won’t happen you say. Yeah I said that when he was swinging his helmet and I repeated that when he blew up at the players coach in London and I thought that too when Talib started punching St. Pete cabbies so what’s he do….goes to the hood where people have gun fights over their girlfriends.


    If not then let’s just sign Pacman Jones, Plexico Burriss and all the other NFL misfits as well, heck we can become the Raiders of the East!

  28. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Jarrett – this is for you

    Thanks for bringing to light that the Bucs WON WITHOUT GMC &/or BENN.

    Maybe both of those players are being HYPED?

    Maybe they’re not playing to their POTENTIAL EITHER?

    Sure Benn made 2-3 splash plays last year but I was MUCH MUCH MUCH more impressed with Mike Williams and stood by Williams on the trumped up DUI charges. Who says Benn is anything more than Clayhands part II?

    As for GMC we won without him because GMC wasn’t contributing that much in the first place!!!!! Look at the stats he put up – BELOW AVERAGE!

    The reason I don’t rag on these 2 players is:

    1. They were ROOKIES – I didn’t expect much from them in the first place
    2. ROOKIES aren’t supposed to make a splash in their first season in the NFL
    3. The D-Line coach wasn’t training the D-Line very well; hence the lack of production
    4. Benn just must not be that bright to have taken over 1/2 the season to understand the playbook – sorry but some lightbulbs are 150watts and he’s probably just a 40W bulb.

    The point is this – football is a TEAM sport. Expect for a QB or a Derrick Brooks the TEAM can compensate for the loss of a single player – especially if the back-ups are competent. In the case of the Bucs the WR corp has potential as does the D-line.

    I HOPE 2011 see GMC with 10+sacks and Benn making 10+ TD’s I REALLY do

    I also HOPE Talib is on a greyhound bus back to the ghetto in Texas!