“Ruud Is Such A Smart Guy”

June 20th, 2011

Do smarts matter?

Bucs fans will find out, in part, when the lockout ends and Mark Dominik decides whether to open the company checkbook for Barrett Ruud, “the quarterback” of the defense, so Raheem Morris calls him.

Yes, Dale Mabry could become a riot scene if Ruud is granted more years to patrol the middle of the Bucs defense. But there might be celebrations inside One Buc Palace.

Ruud is a leader and the defense stands behind him, says Roy Miller. Speaking on Internet radio last week with Old School of WhattheBuc.net, Miller also said — twice — that Ruud has standout intellect.

Miller was asked to name the leaders on defense.

“I would say Ronde and Ruud,” Miller said. “I would say those two guys. Everbody has a lot of respect for them. Of course, Ronde, he’s been in the league forever and he’s been playing at the same level ever since he got in. We all got every bit of respect for those two guys. You know, Ruud is such a smart guy and just plays well. Those guys, he’s so smart too, as well, I mean Ruud. Those guys, you know, have been our big leaders this year and we stand behind those guys.” 

Like it or not, Ruud’s leadership is just more fodder for the Yes column when it comes to deciding on his future in Tampa.

38 Responses to ““Ruud Is Such A Smart Guy””

  1. Matthew Levanduski Says:

    What was the point of drafting Mason Foster, who is “supposedly” everything we want in our middle linebacker if Ruud is so great. I believe if the Bucs took one step backwards for the first few weeks of the season, that by mid season our defense would take two steps forward without Ruud.

  2. Bucnjim Says:

    He’s so smart he should be solving quantum physics problems. Everyone says what a great coach he is at least he’ll have a future after football. He was also responsible for setting up the run defense of which we finished last (or close to). Barber; now that’s a leader! He had the secondary playing lights out no matter who was in the game. The Defense hasn’t been the same since Brook’s got hurt. This team needs a superstar to step up and be the new captain of this D even if Ruud stays. Other teams have pro bowl players as their captains; not average players who fill a roll in a system.

  3. Macabee Says:

    I have no aversion to the Bucs re-signing Ruud, nor would I feel a great loss if they didn’t. Here is the disconnect for me – the coach loves Ruud, his teammates speak highly of him – why haven’t the Bucs given him a contract already? They have had plenty of opportunity to do this prior to the lockout – this issue goes back as far as the Penn holdout. Somewhere there is a story that is not being told. The actions do not match the rhetoric!

  4. Bucnjim Says:

    “You know, Ruud is such a smart guy and just plays well.” That’s the equivalent of your girl saying you were WELL in bed! Not great, not the best; just oh well.

  5. Matthew Levanduski Says:

    Well maybe saying nice things in case they end up wanting to resign him will save them a year or two or a few mil all together… Other than that I have no clue why everyone seems to be so supportive, Ruud must have been to much of a sissy to haze rookies so they all appreciate him.

  6. Capt.Tim Says:

    Ruud is a tremendous MLB. Period. The list of experts who agree is so impressive( Derrick Brooks, Steve White, Monte Kiffin, Raheem Morris, Mark Dominick, Pat Kiwan, Me, etc,Etc,etc,Etc!), that you would have to feel pretty stupid to disagree! I mean, you really gonna argue that you know more about football than any of those guys? You know more about the MLB in the Tampa2 than Derrick Brooks???!? That should tell you right there that you are Wrong- terribly, Terribly wrong and uninformed.
    But it doesn’t matter. We will lose Ruud to free agency. In our scheme, MLB isn’t that valuable. Others will offer to make Ruud among the highest paid at his position. He will grab the big money, and become a dominant monster. The misinformed here will see the light, and rise up against Ian Beckles- finally putting that irritating noise of a show to an end!
    You heard it here again. Starting to love the Ruud post, as redemption is almost at hand

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Oh, and Foster was drafted to play Sam ‘backer. Great at playing the run. His cover skills aren’t( IMO) adequate to play Ruuds spot. Pass coverage is the only weak area to Fosters game.

  8. Bucnjim Says:


    Unless we can get Ruud some old school horse steroids; the words monster, beast or intimidatior will never be used in the same sentence as Barrett Ruud. Like I said in the first post; if they keep him fine, but we need a new leader because the results now speak for themselves. The Bucs need a superstar on D and that’s a FACT.

  9. Meh Says:

    Ruud gets a bad rap. He’s no probowler, but he’s very serviceable. I think we should (and will) keep him if the asking price is at all reasonable.

  10. dan Says:

    no one from the bucs to my knowledge has ever linked mason foster to middle linebacker aside from either raheem or Dom saying ‘ he is so versatile he can play any position’. but everybody, even big media article writers are saying ‘we drafted foster to play middle linebacker.’ i think that is a huge jump and its kinda ridiculous.

  11. sam Says:

    You people are crazy and just dont know anything about football, all of u keep saying how soft ruud is. even tho he has led out team in tackles every season he has started for us. and i know ur all going to say it always 4-6 yards down the field but thats not his fault he has never had a quality dline infront of him. so instead of being able to explode through the hole hes always fighting a guard or a tackle. we need to give him a chance to show what he can do when he actually gets to run free like linebackers are supposed to do.

  12. The D Says:

    I think Ruud will do much better with Foster and McKenzie on either side of him.

  13. Bucnjim Says:


    You must not have been watching the games where Ruud was TRUCKED over by RB’s, FB’s, TE’s and yes even WR’s. I don’t have to mention Offensive Lineman because they treat him like a rag doll. If superstar defensive lineman are so important for a linebackers success; then name me one from either Super Bowl team? The Packers & Steelers are soooo loaded with pro bowl superstar D lineman. Their linebackers couldn’t care less who is on the D line!

  14. canada buc fan Says:

    Bucnjim, Give me B.J Raji, and Casey Hampton all day long

  15. Bucnjim Says:

    Casey Hampton? Sorry, but both McCoy and even Roy Miller had better stats. Come on! Raji had a very nice year with 6.5 sacks and 30 tackles. You just made my point! Packers; one pro bowl linebacker zero pro bowl D lineman. Steelers TWO pro bowl linebackers; ZERO pro bowl lineman. Great players perform no matter who the supporting cast. Did Derrick Brooks perform better with Sapp? Of Course! Did Brooks need Sapp to be a Superstar….NO! So blaming Ruud’s lack of physical play on everyone else is ridiculous.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Roy Miller bench pressed Barrett Ruud 37 times.

  17. Rick Longtime Fan Says:

    We haven’t had a “monster” at the Mike linebacker ever, at least not one that you mention in the same breath with any of the current Top Ten MLBs of All Time like Ray Lewis, Mike Singletary, Jack Lambert, Dick Butkus, Huff, Butkus, Nitschke, Singletary,

  18. canada buc fan Says:

    Nose tackles are not required to be pass rushers so using sacks as an indication of talent is not really applicable here. Pro Bowls are also not a great indication of talent but more so fan fare, Casey Hampton is widely regarded as one of the top players at his position in the league.

    I agree with you that great players are great regardless of supporting cast, Im just saying when it comes to eating up blocks give me those two big boys every day of the week and twice on sundays!

  19. Rick Longtime Fan Says:

    Dudes, the Bucs have never had a “monster” at the Mike linebacker ever. At least not one that you mention in the same breath with any of the current Top Ten MLBs of All Time like Ray Lewis, Mike Singletary, Jack Lambert, Dick Butkus, Chuck Bednarik, Ray Nitschke, Sam Huff, Harry Carson, Joe Schmidt, or Willie Lanier.

    To me the jury is out on Ruud for three reasons. First he was Monty Kiffin’s hand-picked successor to Shelton Quarles. Second he has led the team in tackling every season since he became the starter and usually ranks among the best in the NFL in number of tackles. Third and this may be a reason for the perception he is soft, MLBs are generally only as good as their DTs, who keep blockers off the MLB and push the LOS allowing the MLB to stuff the run rather than tackling at an angle, and Tampa has hardly had stellar DTs during Ruud’s tenure as the starter in the middle.

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    if ruud was doing what was expected of him in this defense the last two years then the answer to whether or not he’ll get paid big money by the bucs has already been answered. a glorified safety at mlb doesnt require big money.

  21. NickinMelb Says:

    It must be just me but Barret Rudd must be one of those players whose efforts show up on film day because what I am seeing on Sundays just doiesn’t justify a solid middle linebacker. I am not saying Ruud is not athletic or intelligent but he is not the kind of linebacker you want in the intereior of the field I don’t care what defense you are running. You can have your finesse linebackers with good coverage ability on the outside but please give me a run stopper up the middle and Ruud is not a run stopper. He rarely makes squared up tackles and always seems to glance off defenders if he is even in good position. And one more thing, how intelligent can this guy be if he is the middle linebacker and we just recently had running backs running wild RIGHT UP THE GUT. I guess being a veteran makes you repsected but please lets not assume Barrett Ruud always has his defense in positiion. I saw WAY to many runs by opposing offenses last year with nobody home right up the gut. How is that an intelligent captain at middle linebacker. If you stink on the run the first position you make a change is middle linebacker. We stunk against the run up the middle but make excuses for our middle linebacker by saying the fans don’t understand his role in this defense?? How about tackle the running back out of the backfied. How is that for a role?

  22. NickinMelb Says:

    RickLongtimeFan have you ever heard the name Derrick Brooks? You will when he goes into the Hall of Fame. The jurys not out on Ruud it been decided. I don’t need to see any more of pathetic run defense to come to a conclusion about a middle linebacker.

  23. TopDoggie Says:

    Did you see USA today rated him the number 2 rated free agent linebacker. I think another team will offer him more than we are willing to pay.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:


    Man I sure hope so.

    I’ll go on record and say the Bucs will never win a Super Bowl with Barrett Ruud at MLB. He may get you through the door, but he definitely can’t dance, and when it’s time to crown the champion, he’ll get dragged that final 7 yds into the endzone and lose the game for you. And probably by Tiki Freaken Barber. I’m not a fan of Spaghetti Arms. I’d bet Roy Miller can run a 40 faster than Barrett Ruud. I’m not his biggest fan, and it all started when he pulled that hold out crap from OTA’s a couple years ago. When he showed up, he was slower, looked weak and out of shape, needed a shave and a haircut. You’d think the LEADER of the team would take a little more pride in himself. I just think he’s really gone to Hell in a hand basket, and I don’t care what any of the REALLY KNOWLEDGEABLE people say about it.

    Bucnjim said it very well, because whatever he was watching on Sundays, I saw the same damn thing, and it was ugly more than it was pretty. I think Ruud sucks and I think the Glazers feel the same way or he would have got an extension when Chucky was still here. Bye Barrett, enjoy getting dragged around by Blount.

  25. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “the Bucs have never had a “monster” at the Mike linebacker ever. At least not one that you mention in the same breath with any of the current Top Ten MLBs of All Time like Ray Lewis, Mike Singletary, Jack Lambert, Dick Butkus, Chuck Bednarik, Ray Nitschke, Sam Huff, Harry Carson, Joe Schmidt, or Willie Lanier. ”


    Back a long, long, long time ago we had a MLB named Hardy Nickerson. Might want to do a quick google search on “the Dragon”. If you did, you would probably retract that statement. He went to multiple Pro-bowls, was a great leader, made big plays (in the clutch), and most importantly would knock people on their arse with regularity. Besides, I don’t think anyone is asking or expecting Ruud to be a top 10 MLB of all time. How about just being top 10 in the NFL now. I think he is serviceable, but not top 10.

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Capt. Tim,

    Tremendous is a stretch. The word “tremendous” has never been used by any expert describing Ruud. If he was tremendous, he would have multiple Pro Bowls. To my knowledge, he hasn’t even been an alternate. And I know it’s harder to be a Pro Bowler in Tampa, but anyone that is “tremendous” will be in every year, regardless of where they play. I have never once heard any of those experts complain about him not making the Pro Bowl. He is NEVER mentioned by anyone as an elite LB. I know you like him (and I do too), but come on man! You are going way overboard in making like he is some great MLB that everyone in the league is dying to get.

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    …And please, stop saying the MLB is not important in our defense. That is an absolutely ridiculous comment. How in the world can you say someone who is responsible for lining everyone up correctly, covering the deep middle (in the Tampa 2), and being critical in run support (as are all LB’s) is not important? Not to mention that our MLB’s almost always lead the team in tackles. The guy who is in the middle of the field is going to be important in ANY defense!!! I would love to see a quote from one of these experts that say MLB is not important in our defense. And you also seem to forget that we really don’t play that much Tampa 2 anymore. I did a flip flop on Ruud, but with all these ridiculous comments (he’s tremendous, he’ll be the highest paid MLB in the game, he’s not important in our defense, etc.), you are making me jump back to the other side. He is good, not great, period. He hasn’t been, isn’t, and will never be an elite MLB, period.

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Sorry about all the periods, lol. Meant to only write it once, but I got carried away.

  29. Capt.Tim Says:

    Again, Free agency is (maybe) 2 weeks away. Ruud is listed as the top FA at LB, and the 3rd most valuable FA overall. If you don’t believe Derrick Brooks, Monte Kiffin, and Pat Kiwan, among others, then nothing I’m going to say matters.

    When he signs with another team, his value here will be apparent.

  30. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    That’s my point Captain. Show me where those guys you listed said he is tremendous. Show me where they said he is an all-pro. Show me where they say he is elite. Show me where they say MLB is not important in our defense. They are not saying any of those things. They are saying he does a good job in our defense. I’m not arguing that. But he is not this LB stud that you are making him out to be. It’s just simply not true.

  31. Capt.Tim Says:

    He is a Tremendous LB. Our system actually holds him back. Our MLB is a large safety( and even more oddly, one of our safeties plays in the box, like a small LB!). He is given zone responsibilities, not Gap. The reason we drafted him is his speed. He has unique speed. As you’ll see next year. Barrett can run down NFL running backs in the open field, and then tackle them. Think about that for a minute. You know who else on this team can do that- no one. I don’t know anyone else in the league who can do that.

    Other teams watch his speed, and realize that, if he was behind the line of scrimmage, he could diagnose the play, and fill the gap before the back is there.his market value is gonna be high.

  32. Capt.Tim Says:

    Derrick Brooks said that in our defense, MLB is not a physical presence. That was posted here in the last couple weeks. Pat Kiwan said that Ruud was the “perfect fit” for this defense, and would be irreplaceable if we lost him

  33. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    We don’t even run a Tampa 2 (or Cover 2) half the time. So no, he is not a large safety the majority of the time. He’s got decent speed, but he’s not even the fastest LB on our team. Geno Hayes, who I’m not a huge fan of, is considerably faster than him. Speed is a great asset at any position in the NFL, but so is power, especially at the LB position. Ruud struggles mightily with shedding blocks. Find me one person that will argue that point. Nickerson did not struggle with that, nor did Quarles.

    He may very well be the perfect fit for this defense. However, that doesn’t mean he is irreplaceable. Come on Capt., you don’t really believe that garbage do you? You can’t say MLB isn’t important, but then at the same time say he is irreplaceable. I believe we should keep him, but he’s simply not good enough to be irreplaceable. If he is and all these experts agree, then why would we not sign him? If we can’t play without him, why have they refused to give him a long term deal when he has been pissing and moaning for one for 2 years? Don’t you think if he was tremendous, or elite, they would have done so a long time ago? Wouldn’t another team have offered us the world to trade for him? No and no. I’m sure he will find a team (if he leaves Tampa) and be a good player. But let’s not get all crazy and think he’s going to be this spectacular beast of a MLB because he no longer has zone responsibility and he is faster than a locomotive. Let’s have him make a Pro Bowl before we start putting him in the Hall of Fame.

  34. Tampa2 Says:

    I have never agreed with Tim on any post, But I agree with every part of his posts on Ruud. No player on any team can win by himself. And Ruud has had no help at the line of scrimage since Raheem’s “Purge” of the veterans when he began his tenure as DC/HC. So lets not forget that Raheem is the DC, not Ruud.
    And which one of you would like to have the job of taking down a running back 4-8 yards behind the DL, after he has gained a full head of steam! Usually with a blocker in front of him! Our DL has been so bad that “Whatever Star” MLB behind our line would look bad. The old adage that you never know what you had until it’s gone will sure come to pass when Ruud is gone. And those that do not like Ruud will feel it most.

  35. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hawaiian- I believe at least some of it! Gotta help keep these post rolling during slow times. Joe could just post “Ruud”, or “Aqib”, or “Glazers = Cheap??” and get 40 or 50 comments. Gotta row the boat when the winds nor blowing.
    Tampa2- I always thought there was hope for you! Welcome to the informed club!

  36. Bucnjim Says:


    Thanks for the voice of reason! It’s one thing to be a fan of Ruud which I appreciate the loyalty. It’s another to make things up to prove a point.

    I gave several excellent examples of pro bowl linebackers who excelled with average defensive lines. I’ll say this one more time just for you: A superstar will be great no matter who the supporting cast. An average player like Ruud may be effected to the point of being less than average, but I don’t buy it. Last year was his contract year! Which means that is the best he has to offer. For those of you who think he plays a glorified Saftey position; he only had 4 passes defensed ALL YEAR! Which is it? Is he the signal caller or is Raheem? Is he a Safety or a LB? The real funny part of the statement: How would you like to take on a running back 4-8 yards down field? Cody Grimm; a first year 7th round draft pick; had absolutely no problem taking these guys on and knocking the crap out of them. Grimm’s about 35 lbs. lighter than Ruud! On several occasions I saw Grimm fly past Ruud like he was standing still and make the tackle at the line of scrimmage. Ruud is what he is! A decent LB who excells in the cover2 scheme. He’s not a pro bowler, a superstar, an intimidator, he’s not tremendous or a monster. He’s only a guy who know’s a system and can get players lined up correctly. I’m pretty sure we have coaches who can do that though.

  37. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    @Capt. Tim,

    These Ruud and Talib talks are the only things keeping me from going crazy with this stupid lockout. I’m really not interested in talking about revenue sharing and rookie salary caps. So I guess I’ll see you on the next Ruud or Talib post in the next day or so, lol.

    Ruud will definitely be a better player with better players around him. There is no doubting that. A decent or good player needs great players around him in order to play well. A great player plays great regardless if me and you are on the defensive line. Ruud is just simply not that player. He’s kind of like John Paxson – he needs someone like Michael Jordan to help him become a force.

  38. Pwnasaurus Says:

    Ruud Fanboys. Whatever will they do when mr failsafe is gone??? Face it timmy your hero is out of here. If tampon2 who hates on all the great things with the bucs like Raheem but likes losers like ruudy then I know I am right. Ruud sucks!!!