Matt Ryan Over Josh Freeman

June 18th, 2011

Last year Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman put up some sick statistics, specifically his touchdown-to-interception ratio (25 to 6), which was crazy.

Still, many in the NFL pen and mic club elite are not moved. Given the choice of Matty Ice of the Dixie Chicks or Freeman, many will choose Matty Ice, like Steve Wyche who bared his soul recently on an chat.

jeffrey, clearwater beach
steve, in your opinion how is better right now matt ryan or josh freeman? personally freeman is one of a kind to me.

Steve Wyche,
Jeffrey, Right now, Matt Ryan. A year or two from now, it could very well be Josh Freeman. Josh is making some major gains and making them quickly. Ryan was more Pro ready and has played like it. He’s also had a better team to work with. Freeman and the Bucs are on the rise, though. The NFC South could turn out to be the best division in the NFL for a second straight year. Yeah, I said it.

While Joe is not anti-Matty Ice, Freeman is easily in his league now. Joe suspects that people in general will continue to think Matty Ice is better unless or until Freeman can guide the Bucs to a playoff win.

21 Responses to “Matt Ryan Over Josh Freeman”

  1. Hire Greg Olson! Says:

    They both have the same number of playoff wins…

  2. Nsayne Says:

    I have to disagree with you Steve on saying Matt Ryan as of right now. Look at what he’s had for support since he’s been in the league. He’s had plenty of people to rely on: Tony Gonzalez (One of the best TE’s in history), Roddy White, Michael Jenkins (who gets a lot of time with White and Gonzalez being well covered), Brian Finneran (Will make plays all day despite his age), and Michael “The Burner” Turner. His supporting cast is one of the best in the league and has been since he’s been in the league.

    Freeman, however, had K2 until last year when they picked up: Mike Williams (who, if he keeps playing his career long like Jerry Rice, could go down as one of the greatest) and LeGarrete Blount (a guy who runs like a madman, jumps over people left and right). Freeman’s first year, Carnell Williams was hurt and Earnest Graham, who is a decent FB, is a born power HB, and should be seeing more carries rather than blocking. The Bucs’ O-line isn’t all that great either, but Freeman made plays that no other QB in the league could make. I’m sorry but if you would pick Matt Ryan over Josh Freeman, you would end up like the Jets, always coming up short. Freeman, at this point of their careers, makes things happen in Tampa Bay; Matt Ryan, has playmakers who can cover his faults up.

  3. Mauha Deeb Says:

    I just hope Freeman makes many improvements in his second full season unlike Matt Ryan.

  4. 3KingBuc Says:

    Very well said Nsayne. I completely agree. If Matt Ryan had to work with what Freeman has had to work with, he would not have the same results. Free is going to be special.

  5. Irwin Says:

    Ok lets say there was a draft of all the current NFL players, in my opinion Matt Ryan has his his peak already.. Not saying he’s horrible by any means, but he does NOT come close to the upside of Freeman. Freeman is more athletic, has a better arm, is a better leader, and is younger. Any GM in the league should select Freeman over Matty Lice


    If their was a draft of the current NFL players, Freeman would go top 5 based on his age, production in his first full season, and potential to be even better. Not to mention his Leadership as a 23 year old.

  7. MOBucs Says:

    Freeman needs a playoff win to surpass Ryan in the minds of the “experts”.

  8. nick Says:

    they are both good but i am a bucs fanattic so i choose freeman!!!

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    Freeman, is bigger, stronger, faster, more mobile, smarter and works harder. Lice has trouble with a collapsed pocket, where Freeman escapes and makes more first downs IMO.

  10. Greg Says:

    The only things better about Ryan than Freeman were the surrounding cast to carry him and his hype machine.

  11. Snook Says:

    No way. I still don’t understand the fascination with Matt Ryan. I think its because he has a similar frame as Brady. That’s about it. He’s a horrible down field passer — go look at the stats. He was one of the worst in the league last season… WITH Roddy White. And he NEVER makes any attempt to get away from a sack. Most of the time, he just falls down before the guy actually hits him. He’s soft.

    Freeman’s career will make Ryan’s look average when its all over.

  12. TrueBlue Says:

    Freeman will be considered by the ‘experts’ to be better than Ryan when the Bucs beat the Falcons twice in a season, or when Freeman takes his team deeper into the playoffs after an even split. Stats are for losers, head on wins tell the true story.

  13. MichiganBucsFan Says:

    yea like Matt Ryan has ever won a playoff game

  14. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    Mobucs: First I am a huge Freeman supporter. I think that Freeman is pretty pedestrian except for the fourth quarter (roughly) where I think that he is terrific. That is a special quality. However, Freeman has yet to make the playoffs or even finish better than 3rd in the division. Mike Williams being compared to Jerry Rice – stop the idiocy right now.You guys are ridiculous .

  15. MarkD Says:

    Freeman is a hard worker and a great leader. While Ryan’s doing commercials and playing golf. Freeman is in the lab. And as for leadership, he shows it by example or jumping down the throat of his players (Kellen Winslow).

  16. Snook Says:

    This discussion will be over by 2012. Won’t even be close…

  17. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Here’s my thinking…at this stage of their careers, experience still matters. As such, I can understand why Matt would be ranked ahead of Josh right now.

    Matt has more developmental time. Does it matter? Ask Josh what he’s working on this off season. 10 to 1 it’s something Matt has already worked on. That means Matt is ahead of Josh.

    However…so far Josh is developing at an incredible rate. He has stronger leadership skills than Matt too. I think in a short while, Josh may well catch up to and maybe surpass Matt.

    A slightly disturbing trend is fellow Tampa Fans thinking Josh is hte best. He isn’t. Will he be some day? I sure hope so…God, do I hope so. It would be a nice change for Tampa to have a top-ranked QB for once.

    But he isn’t there yet…and I know how Tampa fans are…they’ll brag on Josh like crazy, heap tons of expectations on him…and when he has 2-3 bad games (and probably just 2), Tampa Fans will start turning on him and calling for his head.

    For me…I love what I see in the kid, but I also keep in mind that even if he suffers some setbacks, he still has the potential to explode. I’m willing to be patient. I think even if he has two 4 interception game in a row, the Bucs need to keep him in there (unless he is injured). Let him mess up…no one learns when they always do everything right…people learn when they make mistakes.

  18. Thomas 2.2 Says:

    For the first pete, you nailed it.

  19. Pete 422 Says:

    Only time will tell, but I agree with Jeffery, “Freemans” don’t come along every year.

  20. gotbbucs Says:

    pete dutcher, you nailed it right on the head.

  21. big papa power Says:

    I would take Freeman over any QB in the NFL.