Some Background On Mason Foster

April 29th, 2011

Now Joe is not an NFL scout, though he prides himself in scoping young, tanned, skin-baring, nubile lasses at top shelf watering holes.

But just eyeballing Bucs third round draft pick outside linebacker Mason Foster, some things jump out at Joe:

1) He can shed blocks. Against damned good blocking teams as well.

2) Seems like a helluva athlete. Quick, good feet, solid hands. Here’s a look at his combine drills.

3) Has ball awareness. Just check out this video of a game-winning interception return against Arizona. Oh, one could call that clutch as well.

4) It appears Foster is a tweener. He can play in a 34 defense or as a SAM in a traditional 43. It seems hybrid defenses are not just the future of football, but the now. So Bucs rock star general manager Dominik is playing this one smart.

6 Responses to “Some Background On Mason Foster”

  1. Fear The Glow Says:

    I like the pick. Not sure about the Hovan face paint though.

  2. Jampersands Says:

    Loving the Foster pick. The guy is versatile and a gamer. That’s a great video you posted Joe, shows how he keeps managing to make plays even after the first blocker gets his hands on him.

  3. Army Buc Says:

    Joe you the man on this draft Coverage!!!

    Mason, if you are reading this get your @$$ to Tampa and stop the dam RUN!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the BEST DAM TEAM! With the BEST DAM FANS!
    and the BEST DAM JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Joe Says:

    Army Buc:

    Thanks dude. Means a lot.

    More to come tomorrow. Draft resumes at noon.

  5. gitarlvr Says:

    Foster is not really a tweener. He is a traditional 4-3 linebacker. Scouts say he does have some pass rushing ability though so its not inconceivable he would play rush linebacker in the Bucs 3-4 front. I still wouldn’t mind seeing the Bucs go after a Chris Carter in the 4th if he is still available to give themselves a true rush linebacker. At this point cornerback is probably a bigger priority for that pick though.

  6. Ant Farm Says:

    5.) He can HIT people.