Number Of Players At One Buc Today? None

April 26th, 2011

Last night and this morning, as Joe is wont to do, he surfed various football sites, monitored his Twitter and Facebook feeds of respected journalists, NFL players and teams.

Listening to Sirius NFL Radio today, co-hosts of “The Opening Drive,” Bob Papa and Solomon Wilcots, Joe heard reports of players showing up at several team facilities.

The Bucs, whose management has lauded the work ethic of its players, had a grand total of zero players show up this morning to work out. That’s the word from Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune who has staked out the Bucs headquarters.

The NFL lockout has been lifted but it doesn’t seem like it at One Buc Place.

No Tampa Bay Buccaneers players have reported to work there yet this morning, according to team spokesman Jonathan Grella, and we’re not sure if any will.

“I am not personally encouraging or discouraging players to show,” Bucs center and player representative Jeff Faine told the Tribune in a text message Tuesday morning.

Cummings added that Faine told him he had no intention of showing up this morning. Neither Cummings nor Faine elaborated.

For some odd reason, this bums Joe out. Joe thought sure that Josh Freeman and a few receivers were be at One Buc Palace at the crack of dawn.

Perhaps all the of the players are out of town?

15 Responses to “Number Of Players At One Buc Today? None”

  1. Buc N' A Says:

    Don’t worry Joe. 5 has a plan. And it doesn’t start until AFTER the draft. Everyone wanted Josh and some guys to practice after hearing some Redskins did it. NOPE. Josh is waiting so he can get his new draft class members involved just like the coaches did last year. He’ll help implement the offense to those we draft on offense. Is it ideal? Nope. Getting it from the coaches would be ideal. But until a new CBA is reached this is the best option IMO. I am willing to bet that the Buc’s turnout will far exceed any of the other “practices” done by other teams players. In Free We Trust. : ) We all know he’s not a fan of losing. GO BUCS!

  2. Hunter Says:

    Joe he’s obviously in Bradenton with Cadillac and Michael Clayton lol….(But really)

  3. ALDO Says:

    im not worried at all, i think after the draft they can do all they want…

  4. Amar Says:


    I don’t have a source maybe you can ask around but I just heard via facebook nfl message board that players are still not allowed contact with coaches, etc. See if you can confirm that.

  5. Gavster Says:

    McCoy is in san Diego. He is te only buc that said at least on twitter that e would be on his way back.

  6. Sooner in Tampa Says:

    Well…so much for Smith’s non-stop preaching about how the players want to end the lockout for their “love of the game”

    HOGWASH…they want the $$$$$$$$$

  7. Amar Says:

    I’m extremely sure what Joe heard about certain players being at team facilties is a rumor because players are still not allowed to show up to team facilities, talk to coaches, make trades, etc.

  8. Amar Says:

    Found it, here is the source Joe:

  9. Amar Says:

    First the things about the Tribune/TBO guys say Talib will be jettisoned without a valid source and now this?

    TBO is starting to sound more and more like BSPN.

  10. Joe Says:


    Players are allowed to show up. They are barred from working out or talking to the coaches. They can talk to anyone else.

  11. OB Says:

    Does anyone know if 5 started his workouts yet for all players? What was the long snapper doing when he blew his achilles tendon? This is like a black hole, not a word anywhere about any of this.

    Do you know Joe and can you say? Two questions and request two answers

  12. OAR Says:

    buc n a,
    You do realize a lot of the players are still only one year removed from rookie status? Meaning, they could ALL still use any time they can get to be together for practicing and jelling!

  13. derek Says:

    mccoy is in san diego and hes going to the lakers game tonight so who knows when he’ll be back

  14. MVPFreeman Says:

    Dang man, I havent heard about our young Bucs all off-season. I hope they are not hanging around Tanard Jackson and Jeremay Stevens, if you catch my drift.

  15. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    It’s a waste of their time to go into the facility until the judge decides on the stay. If anything, it just makes things more awkward. They are saying that the league year could very well start next week, if the owners lose the appeal (which supposedly is very likely). It is at that time I would expect the players to start showing up and working out. Anyone who shows up now is doing it all for show, which means nothing to me.