Bucs Sure Seem Interested In Linebackers

April 13th, 2011

Bucs fans have destroyed so many remote controls in rage over the Bucs linebacker play in recent years, the families won’t even hang out and watch Bucs games for fear of injury from collateral damage.

So it almost seems like so many vocal, outraged fans wanting “a thumper” could get their wish later this month. First it was Miami and

former Clearwater Central Catholic linebacker Colin McCarthy Monday at One Buc Palace. Tuesday it was a cat named Chris Carter.

Carter was a beast for Fresno State, and was named the WAC defensive player of the year. Aaron Wilson of the NationalFootballPost.com breaks down Carter’s measurables.

The 6-foot-1, 248-pounder ran the 40-yard in 4.58 seconds, registering a 36-inch vertical leap and bench pressed 225 pounds 27 times. He also posted a 9-6 broad jump with a 4.34 20-yard shuttle and a 6.88 three-cone drill.

For his career, he posted 200 tackles and 19 1/2 sacks. He recorded 11 sacks last season and 16 1/2 tackles for losses. The first-team All-Western Athletic Conference ranked seventh in the NCAA in sacks last year, forcing four fumbles.

The thing about Carter that jumped out at Joe is that he played his entire junior season with a broken hand. That tells Carter is a man and is hard to get off the field.

It’s not like Fresno State played a University of Florida non-conference schedule that would even embarrass Largo High School coach Rick Rodriguez.

Last year the Bulldogs played Mississippi, Nevada, Boise State, Nevada and Zooker (Fresno State beat Illinois at home in one of the strangest games Joe has ever watched. The Illini had over 300 yards rushing… and lost! Only Zooker). When Carter was a junior, Fresno State played Wisconsin, Boise State and Cincinnati (Sugar Bowl year for the Bearcats).

So it’s not like Carter hasn’t played high level talent. Also, Joe remembers some linebacker by the name of Brian Urlacher played in the Mountain West as a safety no less and he was able to make the transition to the NFL.

Sure appears the Bucs are bound to upgrade their linebacker corps.

24 Responses to “Bucs Sure Seem Interested In Linebackers”

  1. Gary Says:

    Lets hope so. Can we start the draft already!

  2. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Sounds good to me. When is Carter predicted to go in the draft?

  3. Champ Says:

    “That tells Joe Carter is a man and is hard to get off the field.”

    Joe Carter was a man. The only way he got off the field was by hitting a walk-off home run.

  4. Joe Says:

    Thanks for catching that Champ.

  5. jb Says:

    If he was the mlb and his team gave up over 300yrds rushing was he really all that?

  6. Joe Says:


    Carter was an outside linebacker.

  7. McBuc Says:

    I like Carter, I am all for picking him up.

  8. Chris FWC :) Says:

    Black played in the Mt. West…

  9. gitarlvr Says:

    Carter is not a true linebacker. He played just as much time at defensive end. If the Bucs drafted him it would have to be as a situational pass rushing right defensive end. He would be a project to groom into an NFL caliber 4-3 linebacker. He’s sort of like Dontay Moch but with more actual experience playing linebacker but a lot less speed.

  10. jvato24 Says:

    Break DOwn from sidelinescouting

    Positives: Good size, has enough bulk to play in multiple schemes, but predominantly as an edge rusher… Possesses adequate speed for size and position… Is a relentless pass rusher, recorded 10 sacks in 2010 and 18.5 in his career… Is explosive off the snap and has a very quick and effective swim move, speed rush is good enough to beat slower tackles and tight ends… Can be a versatile player in the NFL, has played a lot of his career at DE at Fresno State… Plays with a lot of intensity, has a consistently high motor… Has been a riser this season with impressive sack total, was a lesser-known prospect coming in to the year, but garnered a lot more attention in 2010… Is durable and resilient, played with a cast on his hand in 2009 and battled through the injury on the field… Can put big hits on opposing quarterbacks, generally gets to the quarterback going full speed and uses momentum to punish him… Uses hands extremely effectively when taking on blockers, appears to have good upper-body strength, is not easily bottled up and pushed back away from the play… Has a fairly quick first step when twisting from the end position, footwork appears to be solid off the snap.

    Negatives: Does not have experience as a full-time linebacker, lacks some essential linebacker skills because of playing a DE so much… Does not display a large arsenal of pass-rushing moves, needs to develop better counter moves, lacks the size to utilize an effective bull-rush… Tackles too high and does not drive legs to push back ball carriers, tends to just wrap around the waist and try to drag down opponents… Will miss tackles by over-pursuing and not breaking down effectively, needs to work of change-of-direction skills, especially when pursuing quarterbacks from the backside… Does not appear to be a unique athlete, has enough athleticism to be a good pass rusher at the next level, but does not seem to be an every-down linebacker.

    Primarily a DE at Fresno State .. Rush LB and SAM in Bucs Scheme ??

  11. big007hed Says:

    Is he someone the Bucs could get in the 3rd?

  12. JDouble Says:

    Carter played DE in college and has next to no experience as OLB. It’ll be upto the Bucs coaches to decide whether he has the smarts to make the transition. He is a great pass rusher though. Just a natural at getting to the QB. I’ve been touting this dude since early October. If the bucs think he has the instincts to play SLB he will be drafted to compete with Watson to replace Quincy Black. He’d improve our pass rush without a doubt.

  13. JDouble Says:

    He has moved way up the draft board on most sites over the last 4 months. Mike Mayock even has him in his top 5 OLB.

  14. gitarlvr Says:

    One thing is for sure. The Bucs drafting of a guy like Carter would probably signal the rise of the much hated 3-4 and 3-3-5 defenses to an even more prominent place in the Bucs scheme as guys like him are more suited to play as rush linebackers in a 3-4.

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    4-3, 3-4, it will be interesting to see which direction Mike Tomlin Jr. goes.

  16. tmntguy Says:

    How many LBs have the Bucs had to work out now? It’s a lot and I’m for it but was just wondering how guy have worked out for them at LB to this point.

  17. Matthew levanduski Says:

    I never heard of him but he sounds decent. I would assume he would play DE, his intangibles (broken hand all year) probably give rock star Mark a stiffie

  18. Dave Says:

    I don’t know this player but funny it was just brought up here because I have been seeing more and more stuff on him. Seems like a 4th to 5th rounder

  19. WeNeedDefense Says:

    “Bucs Sure Seem Interested In Linebackers”


  20. Architek Says:

    Anything is an upgrade over the three stooges…

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    Amazing! 5 weeks ago everyone went ballistic when I posted we needed to upgrade both Hayes and Black! Now it sounds like everyone agrees! The 2 OLBs played terrible against the run. Hope we get at least 2 in the first 5 rounds.

  22. JDouble Says:


  23. IMHO... Says:

    i think this is 4 evaluating purposes 2 see how tha draftees compare against our current LB’s. Still, DE is a need over any LB position

  24. Architek Says:

    Carter would be great in the 3rd round! GREAT VALUE!