“Spiritual” Clayton Made A Big Play

November 8th, 2009

Hats off to Michael Clayton for making a huge adjustment on a Josh Freeman 29-yard bomb caught in the wind to make a huge catch to set up the winning score.

Following the game, Clayton said on the Buccaneers Radio Network that he made more than just a great adjustment on the ball. He made changes this week in his personal life that he believes are paying off.

“Spiritually I took some steps this week. … Fasting,” Clayton said in the radio interview. A surprisingly mellow Clayton, now sporting a beard, finished his brief comments by praising the Lord. 

Josh Freeman gave a more Xs and Os explanation of Clayton’s big catch, his only one of the game (plus the 2-point conversion).

“Al Harris wasn’t really respecting Clayton on that vertical route all day. Clayton was just saying, ‘He’s just sitting. He’s just sitting,’ Freeman said. ”  …I just threw it up, the wind caught it. …[Clayton] made a great adjustment, it was great.]

Joe would love to learn more about Clayton fasting. Whatever works, Mike. Everyone will love you if you don’t drop balls.

2 Responses to ““Spiritual” Clayton Made A Big Play”

  1. Louie Says:

    Clayton was on today — first time since the Dallas game. I hope whatever he is doing differently continues to work.

  2. BucForce Says:

    I hope he turns into an anorexic if it helps the team win…