THE PESSIMIST: The Case Against The NFC South

December 3rd, 2008
Not even Johnny Cochran could have made a good case for the NFC South being better than the NFC East. It doesn't add up, says THE PESSIMIST.

Not even Johnny Cochran could have made a good case for the NFC South being better than the NFC East. It doesn't add up, says THE PESSIMIST.

Enough already with so many experts, average Joes and seemingly everybody saying the NFC South is better than the NFC East.

Nothing could be further from than the truth. 

No NFC South team has even won a game against the NFC East this season. You got that.

Stop believing the hype already and look at the numbers and watch the games.

From top to bottom:

Giants (11-1)  vs. Bucs (9-3) – Sorry Bucs fans, Tampa Bay just ain’t there yet. Let’s say these teams’ great defenses are equivalent. The Giants offense is light years ahead of the Bucs’, in all aspects. No shame there. The G-Men are the Super Bowl champs and have lost one game in the past year.

Cowboys (8-4) vs. Panthers (9-3) – Carolina has a better record, but the Panthers have wins over just two winning teams: Arizona and Atlanta. Dallas has three wins against winning clubs: Philadelphia, Washington and, yes, Tampa Bay. That means the Cowboys have more quality wins and they took out the best team in the South with Brad Johnson at QB. (Sorry for the evoking the bad memory).  Statistically, the Cowboys are better in nearly every category, except for points allowed. The Panthers offense is on par with the Bucs’ – and that’s not too good – although they have a true Pro Bowl threat in Steve Smith. Bottom line: With Tony Romo back from injury, the Cowboys are more dangerous and they’d be favored in any head-to-head matchup.

Falcons (8-4) vs. Redskins (7-5) – The Falcons get the edge here despite having a victory over just one winning club, a good beating of Carolina a couple weeks ago. Atlanta is more physical than the Skins, and Michael Turner can hang with Clinton Portis, if you’re comparing running backs. The Falcons are improving and more confident nearly every week. Washington has scored fewer points than its allowed. That more than anything says it all, despite three good wins against Arizona, Dallas and Philly. 

Eagles (6-5-1) vs. Saints (6-6) – This should be another no-brainer; The Eagles are a better club. They’ve taken out the Steelers, Cardinals and Falcons, plus they have a better record. The only winner New Orleans has taken out is the Bucs on opening day. Think about that. Statistically, Philly has a top-10 defense in the major defensive categories. New Orleans’ D is near the bottom of the league. Both clubs score a lot of points. The Saints are fourth in the league in that category, with Philly coming in 6th. All that aside, the Eagles are a more complete team.

So there you have it. The NFC East has three teams better than its NFC South counterparts.

And again, no South club has beaten an East club this year. Scoreboard. There is no legit argument here.

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