Texans @ Bucs – Nov. 13

Buy Now. This will sell out. 


Buy now to secure a seat on a 29-passenger luxury bus from Paradise Worldwide Transportation that will travel from Lee Roy Selmon’s on Boy Scout Boulevard in Tampa (near International Plaza) to Derby Lane on Gandy Boulevard in St. Petersburg, then to Lee Roy Selmons in Fort Myers. The bus departs at 9:45 a.m. in Tampa and 10:10 a.m. in St. Pete. You’ll arrive comfortably in time for the Bucs-Texans game in Fort Myers, where you’ll enjoy reserved seating for Bucs fans. And the bus will leave Fort Myers to return to the St. Pete and Tampa stops shortly after the end of the 1 o’clock Bucs-Texans game.

Here’s what’s included in your ticket price:

  • Free, secure parking at Derby Lane or Lee Roy Selmon’s (near International Plaza).
  • One FREE draft beer and one FREE plate of wings at Lee Roy Selmon’s in Fort Myers, where you’ll get to watch the Bucs-Texans game that you can’t see on TV at home.
  • Roundtrip transportation on a 29-seat coach to Lee Roy Selmon’s in Fort Myers. (No bathroom on the bus. Stops are made a highway rest stops.)
  • Free bottled water and/or soft drinks during the ride, while supplies last.
  • Total professionalism from your Paradise Worldwide Transportation chauffeur.
  • A great time with fellow Bucs fans. 
  • A full refund if the game miraculously ends up being televised in the Tampa Bay television market. The bus will be cancelled if the game will be aired in the Tampa Bay market.

Here’s what’s NOT included in your ticket price:

  • The right to act like a loud idiot on the bus
  • Alcohol, other than the free draft beer at Lee Roy Selmons
  • Yes, you can bring and consume alcohol on the bus.

Here’s how it works:

  • You click on the PayPal link above and buy a ticket or multiple tickets. Then you’ll get an e-mail confirmation of the purchase. You will get a reminder e-mail and parking details on the Thursday prior to the game.
  • The e-mail address you provide will be the one used to notify you in case the bus trip is cancelled. You will be given at least 24 hours notice of cancellation.
  • Full refunds will be issued only if the bus is cancelled. Refunds will be issued by Nov. 14 via PayPal to your credit or debit card provided.
  • Don’t be late. The bus leaves on time!!

Here’s how it works at Derby Lane and Selmon’s (Tampa):

  • There will be a dedicated, marked and secure parking area for Blackout Tour participants.
  • Derby Lane and Selmon’s will be open for business when the Blackout Tour bus returns, so you can relax inside and watch football if you don’t want to leave the premises right away.
  • At Derby Lane, Blackout Tour passengers will sign a waiver at that basically says you agree to not hold tailgate parties at Derby Lane and simply park your car there and not hold Derby Lane responsible for anything associated with your experience on The Blackout Tour.
void**Questions? e-mail Joe@JoeBucsFan.com