Morning Cup Of Joe

April 19th, 2024

Welcome to your Morning Cup of Joe, an eye-opener to help Joe’s readers ease into their busy workday with a few football links, wacky news and a pleasant distraction.

Distraction of the Day

Former Cardinals GM Steve Keim paid (well) to testify in court case. Isn’t that special? [PFT]

Dixie Chicks drafting Michael Penix is bad news for Bucs. [CBS]

Lions “new?” uniforms look sharp (and very much like the old uniforms). But they can throw away the black jersey. What the hell is people’s fascination with black? It’s boring, dull if not ugly and nothing but a Raiders wannabe knockoff. Want to wear Raiders gear? Buy Raiders gear. Forever Lions colors were silver and Hawaiian blue. Never is the word “black” included. [Yahoo!]

Lions already bracing fans for trading out of first round next week. [NFL]

Someone woke up to a third car in the garage. That was awfully nice of some stranger. [TikTok]

Draft rumors: What is BS and what is real? Former NFL GM Rick Spielman explains. [The33rdTeam]

LOL Peter King wanted the Bills to cut Jim Kelly and instead draft Chuck Long or Jack Trudeau. [X]

Antonio Brown making unwanted advances towards Caitlin Clark? [TMZ]

So with unlimited transferring in college, are football teams going to start cutting dudes on the spot like NFL teams if a guy dogs it in practice or a game? And to prevent scumbags like Kadyn Proctor thieving from Iowa, this is so simple to prevent it’s mind-numbing and Joe cannot imagine not a single lawyer has come to this conclusion. When a dude signs an NIL deal, you better make sure there is a clause in the contract that clearly states, “No play no pay.” Colleges really need to let the players unionize. That way there can be a collective bargaining agreement and a lot of this crap will stop. [Outkick]

Rays players hung up on what Ballys dugout princess Tricia Whitaker wears. Maybe they should start worrying about hitting curveballs? [Awful Announcing]

The Cavinder Twins got paid are back with the Canes. [On3]

Amazon’s spy network. [Wall Street Journal]

“Hey Joe, why won’t you get a dog?” [TikTok]

10 Responses to “Morning Cup Of Joe”

  1. Leopold Stotch Says:

    Black is cool, Joe. Like the Bucs having a black uniform, could work. Eagles having one, yes, I will agree with you that the Lions having one doesn’t work. Not all teams can have one.

    In high school we had black singlets for wrestling and they were awesome. Then again my school colors were red and white (black was unofficial, but we used it anyway.) So for some teams it can work.

  2. Scott Wurster-Ohio Says:

    the Cavinder twins are so beautiful! Anyone is other than my wife.

  3. heyjude Says:

    The CBS NFL annual mock could be close in their picks. However, they have Chop for us. Verse to Cincinnati.

    Yes, college players need to unionize. For all the money that these colleges are making off the players, it is time to unionize for player protections too. Receiving a scholarship is all good, however many of these kids come in without any extra funds for food and other goods/services. Collective bargaining is needed. Every state has their own laws on unions too. A lot of logistics that I don’t understand. In FL, you now need sixty percent of members signed up or face disbanded. Unsure how this would affect student athletes unionizing. This could be another glitch when high school athletes are recruited from different states too. Pro union state or not.

    Old takes exposed. Wow. I was sad to see that now. The community loved Jim and still do.

    AB needs immediate help, an intervention. What he is doing is not free speech. It is harassment, bullying, as well as being misogynist. AB was such a strong player. What happened to him? Was there ever any internal guidance from the NFL for him? We all know Brady tried to help him. Good for Caitlin for blocking AB. But even that isn’t enough now. All of it is sad.

  4. Fred McNeil Says:

    Not only do I think there could be four QBs taken with the first four or five picks, I think there will be six or seven taken in the first 13 picks.
    Antonio baloney-o again… just before breakfast. Lost my appetite.

  5. Frank the Tank Says:

    I still prefer the Namath era Jets unis. That said, black uniforms are overplayed. Horrible in fact.

  6. toad bowels Says:

    “Antonio Brown making unwanted advances towards Caitlin Clark? [TMZ]”

    Is there anyone more cringe-worthy than the mentally deficient former WR great, turned crappy rapper and creepy ghoul? Even actor Gary Busey is less repulsive.

    Antonio Brown must be suffering from too many hits to the head. He really needs to get some help from a mental health professional. He’s an attention whore who
    will never get into the NFL Hall of Fame. But Antonio is a first-ballot electee to the NFL Hall of Flame!

  7. David Says:

    AB so desperate for attention.

  8. BootyLover Says:

    Football jerseys will always look better with a classic numbering font. Nike and NFL thought changing the jersey number fonts to a more modern Mountain Dew-extreme-like look would fly with fans. Thankfully the Bucs set the precedent for NFL teams to go back to the classic look when we dropped the alarm clock font.

  9. Joe Says:

    Mountain Dew-extreme-like look

    Or alarm clock fonts. LOL!

  10. unbelievable Says:

    I actually didn’t mind the previous Lions jerseys. the numbers were more modern, but looked good IMO. Nothing like those god awful Bucs jerseys. The new ones with the more classic look are cool too though.


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