Wagering With Ira

November 21st, 2020


Follow along as JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman makes three NFL picks each week against the spread.

Point spreads courtesy of Circa Sports. You may follow various point spreads courtesy of VegasInsider.com as of Friday noon.


Green Bay
Indianapolis -1.5

Indy’s defense is good enough to hold Aaron Rodgers in check long enough for Philip Rivers to make a few plays.

New Orleans -4

Atlanta could easily be unbeaten under Raheem Morris and the Falcons will put up plenty of points.

Cleveland -3

Cleveland’s two-headed backfield will run all over the Eagles defense.


Kansas City -8
Las Vegas

The Raiders took victory laps in their bus around Arrowhead Stadium earlier this year. The Chiefs will take victory laps in their bus around Aria Resort & Casino. Advantage: Chiefs. 

Miami -3.5

Joe is all aboard the Tua Time bandwagon. How could you not be when the alternative is Ryan Fitzpatrick? Where are all of those fools who cried that Fitz was benched? You should be ashamed! And Drew Lock is still a fool.

N.Y. Jets
L.A. Chargers -9.5

Not even Anthony Lynn will find a way to choke this win away. Joe isn’t sure if you tried to lose you could still lose to Adam Gase and the Jets. 

Last week: Ira: 1-2,  Joe: 0-3.

Season record: Ira: 16-11,  Joe: 10-17.

*Full list of this week’s spreads.

Week 11

Cleveland -3Atlanta
New Orleans -4Detroit -2
CarolinaNew England -2
HoustonPittsburgh -10

Green Bay
Indianapolis -1.5

Washington -1.5

Baltimore -5.5

Minnesota -7

Kansas City -8
Las Vegas

Miami -3.5

N.Y. Jets
L.A. Chargers -9.5

L.A. Rams
Tampa Bay -4

Odds from Circa Sports as of Friday at noon.

“You can’t push me around like I’m Peter King over here.”

5 Responses to “Wagering With Ira”

  1. tickrdr Says:

    @Joe and Ira:

    Posted this last week:

    tickrdr Says:
    November 15th, 2020 at 9:47 am

    Week 10

    at Cleveland -3.5

    at L.A. Rams -1.5

    L.A. Chargers
    at Miami -1.5

    Last Week: 0 – 3
    Season: 13 -13 -1


    BTW: This is Week 10, Joe. That means you have both picked NINE times with three picks each week for 27 total picks, not 24.

    BTW2: FWIW, Ira is now 16 – 11 for the season. Joe is 10 – 17.

    BTW3: Let me know if you need any help counting all the money you are making in this here corner of the interwebs……., for a SMALL fee, of course.

    So, today, November 21, if this is Week 11, and you have made THREE picks for TEN WEEKS then your totals should now = 30, NOT 27.

    I believe the accurate results are: Ira: 17 -13 and Joe: 10 – 20.
    Feel free to delete all of this, if you wish.


    BTW: Are you using Dominion machines and software to report your results?

  2. Cobraboy Says:

    I’m not optimistic of the Bucs chances against the Rams.

    It’s a Prime Time game, and the Bucs are 0-fer as far back as I can remember in these games.

    The Buc O has yet to show they can win the trenches against a stout front seven.

    Brady is pedestrian when pressured, and the Rams have pressure, six sacks against the Seahawks.

    The Rams O thrives in short passes, the dinks and dunks, slants, etc. This is the Bucs Achilles Heel. Brees ate them up, Jones ate them up, Carr ate them up.

    I would love nothing more than a righteous ass-whuppin’ at home, under the lights in Prime Time, but I just am not feeling it. That Ram D is for real, and starting to hit stride.

  3. tickrdr Says:

    Week 11

    New Orleans -4

    New England -2

    Minnesota -7

    Last Week: 1 – 2
    Season: 14 -15 – 1


  4. tickrdr Says:

    Nice analysis, and I share your concerns.
    I’m hoping for more screens and misdirection plays to slow down that pass rush, as well as more man/press coverage.

    The homer in me wanted to pick the Bucs above, but couldn’t quite give up the 4 points.


    BTW: If you ever have a sure thing for a pick ATS, I certainly could use some help to catch Ira. JK!

  5. SB : Your comment is awaiting moderation. Says:

    I will take GB
    New Orleans and