Morning Cup Of Joe

November 11th, 2019

Welcome to your Morning Cup of Joe, an eye-opener to help Joe’s readers ease into their busy workday with a few football links, wacky news and a pleasant distraction.

Distraction of the Day

O.J. Simpson sues the Cosmo in Vegas claiming it’s not true that he got tossed out of the place for being “drunk, disruptive, and unruly” as well as being wrongly accused of being “belligerent, broke glass, or damaged property.” Look, it’s not like some highfalutin sin bin that gets an NHL player on the hook for 500-large accused Simpson of murdering someone. [PFT]

How the Raiders can make the playoffs. [CBS Sports]

J-E-T-S… JETS… JETS… JETS: Jets fans start a GoFundMe account to raise money to buy out Adam Gase’s contract. [USA Today]

Hot stat geek (yes, she exists) tells people to lay off Baker Mayfield. [NFL]

Could Chase Young’s hassle with the NCAA get him to drop to the Bucs? Then again this is like Joe slobbering over Rachel Watson. The Bucs think so little of drafting pass rushers Young could be knocking on the gates of One Buc Palace and the Bucs would call the cops to haul him away. [Columbus Dispatch]

Catfight on the tennis court. Video style! [TMZ]

Popeyes employee, customer toss plastic trays at each other over chicken sandwich dispute. It ain’t that good people! Video style! [FOX News]

Nearly a dozen folks from Oklahoma hospitalized after getting an insulin shot instead of flu shot. [CNN]

Allegation: McDonald’s now serving pot-laced tea in South Carolina. That’s a new twist on a Happy Meal. That should create a much bigger stir that meh chicken sandwich at Popeyes. [WFTS]

Oh no, Pasco! Fake cop blasts high school girl in the forehead. [WFLA]

Clever: Iowa inmate serving life sentence claims he should be sprung because he served his sentence — died and came back to life. [WTSP]

South Carolina restaurant owner sentenced to prison for owning a slave which he tortured when the slave didn’t work to the owner’s satisfaction. Yes, in the United States. Yes, in 2019. [WTVT]

13 Responses to “Morning Cup Of Joe”

  1. stpetebucsfan Says:

    According to the “experts” on Fox who have surveyed NFL GM’s Young’s stock in the NFL draft has not been affected.

    They have seen enough and the suspension is far more indicative of the moronic NCAA’s administration than any egregious offense by Young who BORROWED money from a friend so that his girlfriend could fly out to watch him in the Rose Bowl. He repaid the loan in April. Oh the freaking humanity…guy borrows money from a friend to fly his girlfriend out to see him play in a once in a lifetime opportunity at the Rose Bowl.

    The NCAA are incompetent grifters.

  2. Jean Lafitte Says:

    Chucky making the playoffs ..something the haters said wouldn’t happen

    while we’re focused on how we can win the draft …again

  3. Ghost of Darrell Henderson Says:

    “Could Chase Young’s hassle with the NCAA get him to drop to the Bucs? ”

    Impossible! Gump’s got his eye on a kid from North Eastern Missasaugua Valley State. Although, NEMVS hasn’t ever won a football game, they have a CB who can run a 4.3 40 yard dash. He’s 6’6″ but only weighs 140 Lbs. Gump feels that once they get him a green card, he will fatten up nicely and learn to speak English.

    Although he’s not projected to be drafted, Gump feels a 1st round pick will lock him up for 5 years on a rookie contract.

    Young will probably get drafted by the Saints who prefer NFL ready players from battle tested top flight universities.

  4. Says:

    He borrowed money from his agent who happens to be a friend ( for loaning him the money).

  5. orlbucfan Says:

    Jean Lafitte Says:
    November 11th, 2019 at 6:50 am
    Chucky making the playoffs ..something the haters said wouldn’t happen
    Screw him! Good riddance!

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’d rather take a insulin shot than a flu shot any day and do. A flu shot contains who knows what. A insulin shot for a non diabetic can be quickly countered by chewing a couple of glucose tablets or liquid equivalent. A flu shot.. no way no how.

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    The definition of American justice: OJ not guilty of anything.

  8. ClodHopper Says:

    That Iowa inmate case is very interesting. Sure he seems like a smart ass but people have been put in and out of prisons for technicalities a lot more flimsy than that one.

  9. unbelievable Says:

    Everyday there seems to be several new Popeyes meltdown videos.

    Saw one last night where some trashy old woman started calling all the workers the n-word. Video ended with some dude literally carrying her out of the store on body slamming her into the pavement.

    All over some s(p)itty fast food sandwiches.


  10. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    A Popeye’s chicken sandwich cannot be bestowed – it must be achieved.

  11. TOM Says:

    I’m rooting for you Chucky.

  12. ou812 Says:

    Joe I see you got the same lousy taste in chicken sandwiches as you do in QB’s
    Manzel /Winston!!! Popeyes chicken sandwiches are delish. Your QB’s SUCK!!!

  13. David Says:

    The Bucs should draft Young if he is there. Absolute stud.
    Otherwise they should go after LSU or Bama QB.
    The Ohio st CB is awesome too.

    Let me mention something about this. I do not like Ohio State. But, to be fair, for over the last decade we have been screaming down here how Florida or LSU or Alabama or GA etc. is going to kick their butt because they play real defense. Well LSU and Alabama showed no D and Ohio State is the real defense this year.
    Playoff should be interesting.