Morning Cup Of Joe

June 12th, 2019

Welcome to your Morning Cup of Joe, an eye-opener to help Joe’s readers ease into their busy workday with a few football links, wacky news and a pleasant distraction.

Distraction of the Day

The team which will post the best defense in the NFL in 2019 will be… [NFL]

If you want to travel to Canada to watch the Packers-Raiders game in Winnipeg, bring your wallet or make sure your credit card has plenty of funds available. [PFT]

When second-year quarterbacks have a new offensive coordinator. [CBS Sports]

Why the Titans added a sandbox to their practice facility. [USA Today]

It is now legal in Texas to own and possess brass knuckles, mace and tomahawks. Who doesn’t cherish and wield their own tomahawk? God bless the Lone Star state. [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

Oh no, Pasco! Hudson woman jailed for encouraging a child to commit suicide. [WFLA]

Naples man pinched for dancing naked in McDonald’s. Authorities believe drugs may be involved. [WTSP]

Not Florida: “Extremely intoxicated” Tennessee man stuck in vent of convenience store for “hours,” screaming. Authorities suspect an attempted robbery of the joint. [Knoxville News-Sentinel]

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  1. Totally Exonerated Says:

    Maybe that guy stuck in the vent was a P.I. doing some sleuthing. He got the idea from Harry Crumb


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