Morning Cup Of Joe

June 5th, 2019

Welcome to your Morning Cup of Joe, an eye-opener to help Joe’s readers ease into their busy workday with a few football links, wacky news and a pleasant distraction.

Distraction of the Day

ASJ didn’t make it through minicamp with the Belicheats. Steps away from football. [Pro Football Rumors]

People like to point to various NFL teams being bound for London. But is Chicago a target of some team to pick up and move to? [PFT]

Baker Mayfield seems to be tired of Duke Johnson’s whining. [CBS Sports]

Adam Humphries said one reason he didn’t sign with the Belicheats is Tom Brady is an old man. [USA Today]

Jeopardy Guy might have a football gambling problem. [PFT]

“She pulls a machete; you pull an ax. She sends one of yours to the hospital; you send one of hers to the morgue. That’s the St. Pete way.” [WFLA]

Oh no, Pasco! Hudson man walks into Walmart, pours salt over his feet in an effort he told authorities to ward off evil spirits. Is this what Ed Glazer had to do to get rid of Mike Smith? [Patch]

British Heart Foundation study shows it is perfectly fine to slug down 25 cups of coffee a day. What the study doesn’t detail are potential health hazards for not sleeping for two weeks. [WFTS]

Illinois just passed sports gambling legislation and among the locations that have been green-lighted to have a sportsbook are Soldier Field and Wrigley Field. [TheBigLead]

Cool: You can have your living room outfitted just like Homer Simpson’s. [People]

3 Responses to “Morning Cup Of Joe”

  1. Totally Exonerated Says:

    Illinois also legalized recreational marijuana.

    Selfishly, I wouldn’t mind if the Bucs packed up and moved to Chitown. The Glazers just might be greedy and dumb enough to do it!

    Pot and gambling only a 2 hour drive away then add Buc games only a 5 hour drive away.

    Count me in!!

  2. unbelievable Says:

    Keep it trashy Pasco co!

  3. kyle Says:

    uggh, i live in georgia…no way pot or gambling will be allowed for another 200 years… Yay freaking bible belt!… HAHA