Morning Cup Of Joe

January 30th, 2019

Welcome to your Morning Cup of Joe, an eye-opener to help Joe’s readers ease into their busy workday with a few football links, wacky news and a pleasant distraction.

Distraction of the Day

Barstool Sports reporter was run out of “Super Bowl Opening Night” and claims he was pinched by Atlanta cops. Well, maybe you shouldn’t hound Sean McVay for suite tickets to the Super Bowl. [TMZ]

A visitor nor a burglar will find one item in Terry Bradshaw’s house that is football related. [Wall Street Journal]

What was going on in the private meeting between Pat Mahomes and Tom Brady? [CBS Sports]

Rams’ player pays for a janitor’s trip to the Super Bowl. [USA Today]

Florida Man finds grenade while fishing. Brings it to Taco Bell. [WTSP]

Three children found trapped and dead in an unplugged deep freezer. [WFTS]

Wanna know why Joe moved from the Midwest 20 years ago? [Chicago Tribune]

Hospital pulled plug on wrong patient. [San Francisco Chronicle]

9 Responses to “Morning Cup Of Joe”

  1. Clodhopper Says:

    As of the time of this comment, its -24 here and a balmy -19 in Chicago. Going to be a high of -17 today.

    They’ve been saying we’ll be colder than the North Pole and Antarctica but its 10° colder at the North Pole and its Antarctica’s summer so that’s no biggy.

    I’ll still take two days of this once every 30 years for any of you guys’ Augusts.

  2. Stu Says:

    @ Clodhopper…hell to the “No” on that.

  3. Patrickbucs Says:

    Clodhopper: I am thinking you live in Minnesota? If so that’s not a few days of that every 30 years my friend:) the body can’t really tell the difference between -15 and -30. I’m originally from SE Michigan, the winters and bad weather is 5-7 months. Summer here is our Winter!

    Have a good one and stay safe!

  4. Clodhopper Says:


    Haha. I’m in Iowa. Normally it doesnt get super cold. Normal highs this time of year are around 30°. Most winters we only see below 0 lows about 4-5 days a year. This is very rare here. Today and tomorrow morning are once in a lifetime events. We also dont get that lake effect snow Michigan gets.

    You can bundle up and stay warm as long as you’re moving and not sitting under shade tree. haha. You cant peel off enough layers to stay cool in Tampa’s August tho. I assume anyways. Our Augusts are hot and humid enough, I can only imagine what that gulf does to your summers.

  5. TOM Says:

    I am originally from Cincinnati & lived there when the Bengals beat the Chargers in the playoffs when the temperature was -56 below with the wind chill. One of the reasons I moved to Fla.

  6. Patrickbucs Says:

    Gotcha Clodhopper, have a good one. Btw in August the Gulf doesn’t even cool you off!

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    Must have huge heating bills up there Clod.

  8. Clodhopper Says:

    It’s about 500 a year. I pay it in the fall and that usually gets me through the winter. I keep the thermostat set on 62. Got a kerosene heater going today so the furnace don’t get over worked. It’s working great. It’s 70 in here and the furnace is barely turning on.

  9. Stu Says:

    What is a furnace?