Morning Cup Of Joe

November 19th, 2010

petra 2Drinking at Auburn (fast-forward to the 10:00 mark). [FoxSports]

Drunk Santa [Hot Clicks]

Goalie fail. [Deadspin]

The demise of broadcast TV can be summed up in four words: “Dancing With The Stars.” It is the most horrid piece of programming in the history of the medium and the FCC should immediately revoke Disney’s broadcast license for polluting the public’s airwaves in such a manner. But no need to shoot your TV, just block the channel like Joe does BSPN. [JSonline]

Attention, hackers. [New York Times]

Memo to Trace Adkins: Robert E. Lee surrendered. [TNreport]

Reason 3,735 why dogs are man’s best friend. They don’t like moving. [HyperboleandHalf]

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