Clearwater Auto Accident Attorney Warns Of Fender Bender Brain Impact

September 15th, 2012

Tampa, Largo and New Port Richey insurance companies might label the little fender-bender you had recently as “minor impact,” but the bean counters there are more than likely only thinking about your car, van or SUV, and not your brain.

Clearwater auto accident attorney Matt Dolman and the team of Florida brain injury lawyers at Dolman Law Group remind us that the smallest accidents frequently tremendous and potentially dangerous force on the brain.

It is essential to rule out the possibility that a traumatic brain injury occurred. 
It is well known that the average automobile crash of 5 miles per hour exerts 50,000 pounds of force. We believe 50,000 pounds of force to be significant. In my experience, we have encountered many clients who sustained significant head injuries in what the applicable insurance carrier labeled as a very minor impact. In fact, a number of my clients who sustained a brain injury did not lose consciousness or endure direct impact to their head during the wreck.

Think about that 25 tons of force to the brain?

This is just one reason why consulting with a doctor and a brain injury attorney can be critical immediately after any vehicle accident. If you wait, it can become too late to be properly compensated — and possibly treated effectively.

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