Shame On Talib’s Attorney

June 19th, 2012

Joe has no problem with attorneys. In fact, Joe knows lawyers he likes very much. Joe even reads the Dolman Law Group blog regularly.

That written, Joe can’t believe Aqib Talib’s attorney, Frank Perez, horribly screwed up the public relations end of Talib’s felony assault case in Texas, which was dismissed yesterday by the State. This Perez guy dropped the ball so bad Joe conjured disturbing memories of Michael Clayton.

Perez was gift-wrapped a golden opportunity to tell the Tampa Bay Times that the case against Talib was dropped because he had 20 or so witnesses that never saw Talib fire a gun, or that it was dropped because Talib is innocent, or that it was dropped because the State’s alleged case was the weakest he’s seen in years. But no, Perez tells the Times that the “bottom line” was that the case was dropped because the alleged victim is a sleaze.

“I guess the district attorney, in preparing for trial, had a chance to evaluate the case,” Talib’s attorney told the Times Monday. “The bottom line is that the complainant is sitting in jail as a repeat child molester and has prior cases of the same nature.”

Remember, Perez told last year that “we’ve interviewed 17 or 19 witnesses and none of them say Aqib Talib had a gun. He wasn’t handling a gun,” Perez said.

Again, Perez really sold Talib short in the PR department by telling the biggest Tampa Bay newspaper an unfavorable spin of the “bottom line,” as he called it. Joe talked to the Dallas County District Attorney’s office yesterday and the only comment they would give was that the case against Talib was dropped “in the interest of justice.” Hell, that sounds a lot better than what Talib’s lawyer served up.

Of course, the defense attorney’s choice of words, which hardly make Talib look good, were picked up nationally and, ultimately, loads of fans are left with the assumption that Talib only got off because he shot at a bad dude.

Now this post is not meant to upset Talib and have him go take an intimate cab ride with his attorney, but Joe is appauled by Talib’s attorney not having his back in the court of public opinion.

27 Responses to “Shame On Talib’s Attorney”

  1. Paul W. Says:

    If Talib has grown up and really wants to gain a better perception in the public then he needs to be in his community using his blessings to help people. This minor goof by pr won’t change anyone’s opinion

  2. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    I agree, It’s Talibs job to help his own image by keeping his nose clean and showing up on sundays. His lawyer trying to clear up his image wont work and he didnt tell us anything a hundred posters didnt already post through out this whole process. I dont see how him BSing us would of helped his image at all.

  3. Dini's Biceps Says:

    He “Bottom Lined It” b/c Lawyers get paid for their Time. He’s not getting paid to do interviews. These guys give little effort if any unless you are sending them $$$$$

  4. Thomas2.2 Says:

    The PR you desire from Perez would require that he lie.

    Perez was honest about the dismissal, case hinged on the testimony of an incredible witness.

    Inability to prove guilt does not equal innocence.

  5. Have A Nice Day Says:

    I call bullspit. You do not drop a case because of the other guy involved. If you have evidence and witnesses, you prosecute.

  6. buxter Says:

    Bit of a reach here Joe. Perez is not Gloria Alread.

    Trying to whitewash Talib’s image is akin to trying to convince people that Jeffrey Dahmer was a vegetarian.

    Talib just needs to embrace the Buccaneer way and be a model citizen. Schiano and Dom have given him everything he needs for a clean start.

  7. Garv Says:

    What will count in the public’s opinion is “from now on.”
    Walk the walk, be a good citizen and teammate.

    It’s Talib’s to have and own if he wants it.

  8. Macabee Says:

    By any means necessary!!

  9. Dano Says:

    Let’s just be thankful this knucklehead got off. Secondary looks much better today!

  10. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I can speaker only for myself. I am not concerned with Talib’s personal life, only with how he plays football for Tampa.
    He is not Clergy, nor is he an elected official. He is only a pro football player.

  11. Miguel Grande Says:

    Some of the larger sport’s agencies have public relations departments that handle situations like this. Maybe, they can plant some stories in the media where his high school sweetheart and make believe wife, hands him a note of encouragement before every game. You know, inspiring messages like, “Onward Christian Soldier!”

    It worked for one of the biggest scumbags in NFL and Buccaneer history while he raped and pillaged his way through the NFL. It even worked covering up his reputation as a cheap shot assassin. You can still see his jersey in CITS Stadium today, years after he was fired.

  12. Vince Says:

    Attorneys are idiots. The guy should have just said there was no case on all grounds. The Man beats down Talib again.

  13. Ed kerber Says:

    Actually, Joe, the comments by the lawyer seem to minimize nfl-sanctions not maximize PR. I think is is calculated that he not gloat too much.

  14. George Says:

    Non story. Waste of space. Charges thrown out. Don’t care what the attorney says.

    And “appalled” is misspelled.

  15. TrueBlue Says:

    By the nature of so many nasty comments already in this thread it seems as Joe was right on about the need and failure to do the necessary PR. Good job Joe.

  16. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Hey George, so you don’t think local and national perception of Talib is relevant to his future with the Bucs and/or in the free agent market? Sorry, but that’s news and worthy of discussion, and Joe’s the only one to at least deliver a comment from the State, which is in this “waste of space” as you call it.

  17. lightningbuc Says:


    Why do you continue to allow Miguel to spew this Lynch gibberish?

    It takes Joe time to find stuff when it’s not written as stuff that can easily be filtered by Joe’s system. When Joe sees it he can read and assess and edit or delate. Joe’s explained to Miguel before that this is not the forum for accusations about public figures. JOe’s ultimately responsible for every word here, and readers need to respect that Joe can’t put that kind of stuff out here without proof. Joe gets to this stuff, but it’s not always instant. But if the wording doesn’t put Joe at risk, then typically it’s left alone.– Joe

  18. lightningbuc Says:

    Gotcha Joe. Seems like maybe Mrs. Miguel Grande might know some of the Bucs pretty well!

  19. Miguel Grande Says:

    @lightningbuc “Seems like maybe Mrs. Miguel Grande might know some of the Bucs pretty well!”

    If my wife was stalked and harassed by half of the Tampa Bay Bucs 11 years ago, she would have had my blessing to pursue her best interests. Being over the age of consent.

    The problem was that it was my beautiful underage daughter that pulled up to a traffic light in her shiny new sports car on US19 in Tarpon Springs outside of the Innisbrook Golf Resort. There was an un-named super agent (D.R.) from Miami who pulled up alongside in his new Bentley convertible. Being 16 years old and easily impressed, she gave him her cell number. He called her and explained that about 12 of his professional clients had a poker game going on at the resort and would she like to meet them?

    She declined, she was 16, but not stupid. The next day, she started getting phone calls from several Buc players, asking her out. First, it was the All Pro legendary players who were hounding her. My daughter asked me if I knew a certain All Pro linebacker and she asked if she should go out with him. I explained to her that he was more than twice her age, married and had children. Then, one after another, I explained why she shouldn’t date each one. Most were DR clients, some were players he wanted to represent or was trying to impress.

    She did know some other “hotties” that were underage, who were dating these elderly players and were taken across state lines in violation of the Mann Act, which is a Federal offense, taking underage females across state lines for immoral purposes. It would have dwarfed “Bountygate” or Talib’s escapades since it happened during the San Diego trip to the Super Bowl.

    Whenever I hear how morally superior our 2002 Super Bowl team was I want to throw up, because most fans don’t know the truth. I do and I believe many local sports writers, reporters and radio show hosts know the truth.

    I remember the Bubba The Love Sponge Show was going to run an expose on this subject and the Buc front office shut it down.

    So, just because they weren’t prosecuted under the Mann Act, doesn’t mean these players were innocent. When I hear what Aqib Talib is condemned for, it is nothing compared to some of the outrageous behavior that was condoned in the past.

  20. BigMacAttack Says:

    Those are pretty powerful accusations Mr Miguela. I didn’t know Drew drove a Bentley 11 years ago. I’m sure he had numerous cars, but I usually saw him in a Mercedes. I can see where much of your Buc hate stems from now.

  21. BigMacAttack Says:

    Those are pretty powerful accusations Mr Miguela. I didn’t know Drew drove a Bentley 11 years ago. I’m sure he had numerous cars, but I usually saw him in a Mercedes. I can see where much of your Buc hate stems from now.

  22. BigMacAttack Says:

    Wow, a double post. That is the first time I have managed that. Awesome.

  23. Garv Says:

    Mr. err Dr. Grandee. You really have to back up those kind of accusations because you come across as a bitter ex-patriot liar. You admitted drug use doesn’t help your “case” either.

    Frankly, I think you are FOS. Using your “daughter,” if you even have one, in this scenario is despicable but not at all surprising given your history here.

    Time for another Special Olympics comment? I hope not Mr. err Dr. Grandee.

  24. stevek Says:

    If Goodell goes out of his way to suspend Talib, then I say all NFL fans Mutiny, and take over the NFL HeadQuarters and oust the dictator Goodell from his comfy seat.

    He is a joke, irrational, and flawed.

  25. George Says:

    “Appalled” is still misspelled.

    Joe, I think you’re making a mountain out of a molehill… Basically, the attorney pointed out that the only witness in the case, the alleged victim, had little credibility. I think that’s sufficient… and I don’t care much beyond that.

  26. Tabascpwnd Says:

    Perhaps the best reason to not gloat when the only reason the case got dismissed is because your accuser is a child molester is that the DOUBLE JEOPARDY RULE DOESN’T APPLY TO DISMISSALS OF CHARGES.

    If Aqib gloats enough, maybe ol’ Tex decides to REFILE. Best to keep your mouth shut and play football.

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    “The PR you desire from Perez would require that he lie.”


    And since when has that been a problem for lawyers to do? And he’s already said there were 20 witnesses that didn’t see Talib fire a gun, so even if that is lying, he’s already done it. He would just be repeating the same lie. Thomas, you really just don’t know when to give up. You look like an even bigger idiot by trying to cover for your prior mistake. There’s nothing wrong with saying you were wrong and moving on. You may even gain people’s respect.


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