Simple Blood Test Detects Severity of Concussions; Injury Law Attorneys Highlight Medical Breakthrough

June 5th, 2012

Dolman Law Group injury law attorneys and Florida brain injury attorneys have penned an uplifting summary of an important scientific breakthrough out of Canada that is sure to change NFL procedures be the end of the decade.

Joe caught the whole story at Here’s a snippet:

A Canadian doctor has recently discovered an innovative approach to detect concussions by administering a simple blood test. The test can ultimately predict, within an hour after an impact to the head, how severe the head injury may be. This could ultimately prove extremely useful in the arena of professional sports where post concussion syndrome has drawn significant media attention in recent months.

Click on through to read the whole piece. Surely one can envision how postgame blood tests like this will be coming to NFL and college football locker rooms in the near future.

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