“Woozy,” Bloody Penn Says No Concussion

November 24th, 2011

Joe knows NFL linemen on both sides of the ball are a different breed. These guys take a level of pounding really impossible for a layman (that includes you former high school linemen) to imagine.

Joe got an early feel for what goes on when Joe worked as a very young man for a collection agency. One of the dudes in arrears that Joe was hounding was a former New York Giants lineman who shared a lot of stories.

As much as the NFL has tried to protect players — to the detriment of the game — there’s not much that can be done along the lines. It’s very much still old school football down there. That was evident listening to Donald Penn talk about how sacrificed his head Sunday in Green Bay and got drilled so hard his facemask resembled a pretzel.

“My facemask was bent bad,” Penn said. “A.J. Hawk was running through on one of the run plays and I came down hard. I usually not a big head guy, but I tried to get a piece of him. I dove out and threw my body at him and we hit heads. You know, I got up.  I stumbled a little bit. I was a little woozy for about five plays, though. But it was OK. My nose was bleeding a little bit. But I didn’t know my facemask was bent until, you know, I got back here on Monday and they had my facemask up there. I looked at it. They had to change it; it was bent pretty bad. That really doesn’t happen too often. I’m just surprised, I’m glad I didn’t have no concussion or anything, seriously. I was fine and able to keep going.”

Penn offered the comments on The Donald Penn Show on WDAE-AM 620 on Tuesday night. Host and former Bucs TE Dave Moore had asked Penn to explain the rarely seen mangled facemask.

Penn didn’t miss a play and didn’t mention anything to coaches or trainers during the game or since, which serves as a reminder of how violent and manly football still is in the trenches. Joe can only imagine how many traumatic brain injuries that are dished out every game that nobody every knows about.

11 Responses to ““Woozy,” Bloody Penn Says No Concussion”

  1. Joshua Licht Says:

    Great to hear he is still going strong. Each year he has been getting better and better. This is year by far his best. Wish I could say the same for the guy on the other side of the line.

  2. Captain Stagger Says:

    Penn has been shutdown good this season. The line as a whole has been the teams best unit giving up the fewest sacks in the league. Penn and Joseph both might get a little pineapple in their diet this year. And Trueblood has grown up quite a bit. I am always surprised when I hear fans say the loin needs a full overhaul….maybe a center but Faine is no slouch, and LG, only because Zuttah is the ultimate 6th man.

  3. Tampabucks05 Says:

    Sounds to me like he DID get a concussion, why do our players and coaches keep hiding stuff

  4. dan Says:

    Woozy -equals concussion, currently getting over one that developed into post concussion syndrom and lasted 9 months so far…. Its number 8ish I think for me, and that’s the first thig the doctors tell you if you hit your head and feel messed up aat all fter, you immediately need to treat for concussion to make it go away quickly

  5. dan Says:

    O, and to keep it from becomming debilitating

  6. SteveK Says:

    The hit on his head obviously affected his grammar lol.

  7. Capt.Tim Says:

    Glad Penn is good!

    Very glad we drafted McCoy, and not Suh. Guys got no class, and us costing his team games

    And want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. And thank all of you for passionately sharing our love of Football together. Thank you, Joe, for your hard work in providing a forum to do so!

    You guys rock! All of you

    God bless the greatest Warriors in the world. The United States Armed Forces!

  8. SteveK Says:

    It’s not even close, I’d take Suh over McCoy every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    Another side note, the “meanest” and baddest DT ever was “Mean Joe Green”. You think he got that nickname by being a big softee?

  9. Capt.Tim Says:

    I watched Mean Joe Green thru out his entire career. No, , he never made the stupid mistakes that Suh has made. The guy is deliberately trying to hurt other plays with cheap shots.

    Secondly, he hasn’t made half the impact to his team that McCoy has made here. When McCoy plays, our defense is 10 spots higher against the run.
    As they said today, offenses plan to contain Corey Williams- not Suh.

    I’ll sure be happy when the Fans around here get smart enough to ignore Thomas. And actually watch the games themselves

  10. BamBamBuc Says:

    Don’t expect that any time soon, Capt Tim. If things aren’t going as well or better than hoped for, people latch on to the nearest negative thing they can find, and that’s currently T2.2 and his rant about McCoy and Rah.

    Not only would I NOT want Suh on this team after what I’ve seen the past year and a half, but I’m still of the opinion that I’d rather not have Talib on this team after the stunts he’s pulled. Sure, I’d love for the team to win more games, but not at the expense of values, conviction and morality. It’s a game, people. Enjoy it, but don’t sell your soul for it.

  11. Captain Stagger Says:

    Sapp had a way of skirting the line with out crossing it. Not a dirty player, but played hard and violent. I still remember seeing him suplex a running back, can’t remember who though……loved that. Also used to love watching him skip through opposing teams pregame…….ah, the memories.


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