How ’bout That Season Ticket Waiting List?

August 7th, 2008

Joe used to have season tickets to the Bucs, but dropped out when the Bucs front office was unwilling to upgrade his seats. Joe didn’t care what the new tickets cost. He just got tired of sitting in the nosebleeds with Vikings fans.

So Joe got on the waiting list three years ago. This spring Joe’s number got called. But the economy stinks. Joe needs the extra funds. Besides, the Anheuser-Busch InBev products are much colder and cheaper at home (Joe does miss the Buccaneer Brew Crew tailgates though).

Anyway, virtually every day this week, Joe received an email from the Bucs to remind him that individual tickets go on sale Friday. And try going to It is pounded into Joe’s head worse than the Patriots on BSPN that tickets are available.

So what? Well, Joe knows: That massive season ticket waiting list is an absolute crock. Sort of like Brian Griese as a starting quarterback.

Someone in the Bucs front office is less than honest? No!

No ticket? No problem. Seems as though the Bucs season ticket waiting list is a fraud

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