Super Bowl Lessons And Bling Of The Ring Timing

July 28th, 2014
Clinton McDonald

DT Clinton McDonald also graded himself, and today’s practice

Lovie Smith’s handpicked nose tackle, Clinton McDonald, has a shiny new Super Bowl ring, but the time isn’t right to share the “bling of the ring” with his teammates, McDonald said after practice today.

No, that won’t be good motivation yet.

McDonald knows when the time will be right to motivate his new teammates with his hardware. He remembers the impact of when Seahawks linebackers coach Kenny Norton, Jr., showed off his four rings to Seattle players two years ago.

“You just want to take your time and show it. When we went to the Super Bowl, the year before Coach [Kenny] Norton brought his rings out, and he showed everybody his rings, and that kind of made you feel a type of way,” McDonald said. “You don’t want to show it too early because you want guys to actually think about the grind before they think about the bling of the ring and what finger they’re going to get it on and things like that. You got to till your fields if you want good crops.”

McDonald said he’s been getting peppered with questions from Bucs players about his championship experience. He said he’s asked questions like ‘What does it take?” “What do we got to do?” and “How does it feel?” as well what the camaraderie is like on a championship team.

“Selflessness” and “dedication” are key, he said. “You gotta be brothers out there.”

McDonald likes what he’s seen from the Bucs so far. He said the team has a long way to go and gave the Bucs a “B” grade for today.

As for himself, he awarded himself a “C+.” But that’s not so bad because a major reason for the lesser grade is McDonald’s inability to beat starting center Evan Dietrich-Smith in 1-on-1 drills. McDonald explained that Dietrich-Smith doesn’t “shoot his hands” like most centers and he “sets firm.”

5 Responses to “Super Bowl Lessons And Bling Of The Ring Timing”

  1. mpmalloy Says:

    Malloy likes this guy and wishes him the best in 2014.
    Go Bucs!

  2. clafollett Says:

    I was excited about his signing along with LT Collins. McDonald has that winners perspective and excellent coaching by his former team. This D line is going to bring bring the pain.

  3. Deputy Buc Says:

    Really cool dude too… spoke with him for a few minutes while he was signing autographs. Happy to have him as a Buc!

    Really impressed overall with the cordial nature of the team. They sign autographs and thank the kids for their support before the kids have a chance to thank them. No rush to run inside for fear of missing a meeting or something like I’ve seen in the past. Certainly starts at the top as Lovie was right there in the mix doing it beside them.

  4. biff barker Says:

    Really interesting comments on EDS coming from a vet like McDonald.

    Maybe the biggest difference this year is that some players will have little excuse to be POed at this coaching staff. Rah and Schiano both had their detractors. Some with cause. The camaraderie that McDonad speaks of goes straight into the Bay in a toxic locker room.

    Every year at camp we hear players laud their coaches. Maybe they actually mean it now.

  5. Bucballya Says:

    “Handpicked nose tackle”? No pun intended? It makes me wonder if former Bucs nose tackle Anthony “Booger” McFarland was “hand-picked”

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