Morning Cup Of Joe

January 28th, 2013

Start your day with the Morning Cup of Joe from And don’t forget to visit for amazing videos, pictures and cool gifts. It’s Joe’s second favorite website.

Bucs news forthcoming.

This is why it is just plain stupid for folks to flippantly say, “The NFL should get rid of the Pro Bowl.” It’s a moneymaker: “NBC aired the Pro Bowl on Sunday and while it’s a brutal game to watch, keep this in mind: Last year the game averaged 12.5 million viewers. For comparison, this year’s World Series averaged 12.7 million viewers.” [SI]

Bob Costas gives an emotional, eloquent eulogy (he choked up several times) at the funeral for baseball’s perfect knight, Stan Musial. [MLB]

Runaway snowmobile slams into fans at the X-Games. [TheBigLead]

The Big Ten may expand to 20 schools. [Dispatch]

Tampa can have the Rays… apparently for a price. [RaysIndex]

One Response to “Morning Cup Of Joe”

  1. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    Bob Blacklist Costas was upset that Musial died before the jack booted thugs could kick in his door and steal his family’s guns. Millions of Amerikans are going to skip the Super Bowl because of the half time show with Beyonce Blacklist Knowles and her proactive gun grabbing stance.

    If the NFL embraces these communist scum of the Earth, it will be the end of the NFL. Maybe, they can have Piers Morgan flip the coin toss?

    It always makes me uneasy the way the NFL embraces the military but if they continue down this path the military veterans will associate the NFL with the enemies foreign and domestic and totally reject pro football.