The State Of Arrelious Benn

October 2nd, 2012

The infamous Benn’d around play, exhibit A why Greg Olson was horrendous in 2011, returned Sunday against the Redskins.

While Arrelious Benn worked hard to gain five yards, let Joe be very clear that Joe loathes the playcall and considers it cruel and unusual punishment to Bucs fans. After its brutal results last season, Joe believes the Benn’d around should be banished for at least 10 years.

But that brings Joe to Benn and his role on the 2012 Bucs. Benn was a high second-round pick in the deepest draft in modern times back in 2010. Rockstar general manager Mark Dominik even traded away a fifth-round pick to move up and snatch him, but Benn has nowhere near fulfilled his promise.

Bucs offensive coordinators have not found a way incorporate him consistently. Or, there’s the possibility that Benn isn’t that good.

The move to Benn as a kick returner this season has him ranked as the 17th best returner in the NFL among players with five or more returns this season.

Benn is a strong cover guy on special teams, but that’s not why he was drafted.

Joe’s not sure what the new regime is going to do with Benn going forward. Somehow, though, they should give him shots to see if he can live up to his draft position.

21 Responses to “The State Of Arrelious Benn”

  1. DaMayan Says:

    Benn was a bad reach pick. LaFell and Damian Williams were rated just as good and both went a full round later. Golden Tate was also still on the board.

    I believe you shouldnt use too much hindsight, like saying Aaron Sears or Brian Price shouldnt have been drafted, when evaluating draftpicks. But this was a weird pick with the knowledge at that time and hasnt paid out.

    Their plan was to draft Mike Williams all along but they clearly felt they needed to hedge their bet on him with a second round WR. For some reason they fell in love with Benn over the other 3. BTW. I’m not saying the other 3 are better just that it was a reach at that time.

  2. OAR Says:

    I don’t remember you blasting that play in 2010….Oh, that’s right, Benn had positive yards then. Benn had 5.8 yards a carry in 2010 (6 for 35 yards). It wasn’t until the abysmal 2011 season that the execution of those “Benn-arounds” fell into the negative total (6 for -6 yards), but so did the WHOLE team. Looks like he’s back to his average on that play.

  3. Miguel El Magnifico Says:

    You do have to run an end around at least once per game to make the fakes believable. Benn is probably going to be more effective at it than Tiquan Underwood because of size.

  4. Vic Says:

    How about just running wide with Martin. Is that so challenging? The left side of the line and Zuttah can all move.

  5. lurker Says:

    i think running with martin anywhere is difficult…lol let blount loose.

    blount singin’:

    “I was born to run,
    I was born to dream,
    The craziest boy you ever seen,
    I gotta do it my way,
    Or no way at all.

    So why don’t you turn me loose,
    Turn me loose,
    Turn me loose,
    I gotta do it my way,
    Or no way at all.

    Why don’t you turn me loose,
    Turn me loose,
    Turn me loose,
    I gotta do it my way,
    I wanna fly. “

  6. George Says:

    It’s silly to object to an occasional end around play, just because you have bad memories of Olson’s overuse of it. It can be an effective play, and if you pick up 5 yards, that’s a positive play.

    As for his role in the passing game, let’s see if his role evolves if and when they actually start having a consistent passing game.

  7. Deminion Says:

    I try to b sold on benn but I c his game and I don’t knw he to staff can use him

  8. bucyea Says:

    Ever heard of crossing routes? Ooops…that would require a QB who can hit a moving target in stride.

  9. bucyea Says:

    I agree with Joe. These guys (coaches) seem totally unable to figure out how to use multiple weapons, which is scary. Kinda like Antonio Bryant and Galloway, and we’re also seeing it with Blount and Martin. It’s obvious our offensive creativity is at the low end of the spectrum. Another concern is that Freeman cannot throw down the middle for some reason(accuracy & anticipation). We throw no deep in routes or seam routes, which would also explain the lack of a TE in the passing game.

  10. the_buc_realist Says:

    Bryant and Galloway weren’t on the field together because Galloway had a broken foot. they just did not say that so that other teams would still prepare for Galloway.
    Benn is not running routes because he does not know the Offense. they are still learning how to play the offense. It will take time.

  11. George Says:

    Yeah, it’s 4 games in with this new coaching staff. Maybe Benn isn’t that good, or maybe they’re just getting things figured out. Did anyone think they’d be lighting things up by game 4? I mean, Sullivan is a first time OC, Schiano is a first time NFL HC. Let’s be patient. Criticism is fine, but the gloom and doom and naysaying is unwarranted at this point,

  12. buxter Says:

    This offense will continue to sputter until it our mindset changes.. My biggest concern is with Schiano being intent on “imposing his will” by running. The modern NFL defense can take away anything it so chooses.

    Right now, teams are intent on making Freeman throw the ball to beat them. Who can fault that strategy after watching his first half performance? More suckage than an Oreck factory….

    I don’t think this is Sullivan issue either. Anyone else think he’s running the plays that Schiano wants him to? In his own words, “Throw to score, run to win”. That’s fine if the deep/intermediate ball is used to open up the field. When we do run, why not try the outside?

    We’re still 4 games young… there is hope.

  13. SilenceTheCritics Says:

    The problem isn’t about offensive creativity. Not to me anyways. It’s the play calls in general. The lack of execution combined with the bad calls at the wrong time is awful. Even if you are a first year play caller you should at least have common sense to know how the game is played. For example you don’t run twice in a 2 minute situation when you are trailing…. Who does that? I’ve NEVER seen it before until the end of the Dallas game. The ultra conservative play calling (especially in the 2nd half, whether were winning or losing) isn’t helping anyone either. It seems they do not trust Freeman, and after seeing him play in 4 games this year. I cant honestly say I trust him either. He’s been awful for the most part. There’s been some bad play calls defensively as well but not as much. The defense has been a pleasant surprise. It’s the offense that is holding us back without a doubt.

  14. OAR Says:

    Ditto and I agree!

  15. Adam Says:

    “Mark Dominik even traded away a fifth-round pick to move up and snatch him, but Benn has nowhere near fulfilled his promise.”

    OMG! A Dominik draft pick didn’t pan out? When has THAT happened, with the exception of every draft pick he made for three years?

  16. Patrick Says:

    @lurker……………c’mon, a Loverboy song? i hated that band.

  17. SteveK Says:

    I am so thrilled we have a 2nd round pick that can ineffectively handle the end around.

    Stope running that stupid play!

    We should trade Benn to the Bears for another 2nd round pick…. Tell them the last one they traded to us is broke!

  18. skp Says:

    i think the bucs should just give up on drafting in the second round for a few years, i’ve never seen a team so effective at hurting themselves with second round picks – piscitelli, sears, price, benn, DEXTER FREAKING JACKSON….hopefully lavonte david breaks the streak, but i wouldn’t be against a policy of continuously using that cursed pick to move up in the 1st or to trade for a young veteran someone else drafted.

  19. SteveK Says:


    You said it!

  20. Macabee Says:

    The Saints are up to their old tricks. They’re bringing in Preston Parker and 4 other WRs. Parker looks to be the most experienced of the bunch.

  21. MTM Says:

    I was in shock watching the Benn’d around then disgusted. Is that the only play they can think to use Benn on.It is obvious that between Freeman’s lack of throwing in the middle accurately and some lousy play calling. The offense coordinator is painted into a corner at times out of fear of Freeman’s accuracy. Freeman can throw down field with accuracy but the slants across the middle he cannot hit anybody in stride. If Freeman fixes that, runs outside the pocket when it collapses. The defense stays off the field and the Bucs have a much better chance of winning.