Morning Cup Of Joe

May 25th, 2012

Start your day with the Morning Cup of Joe from And don’t forget to visit for amazing videos, pictures and cool gifts. It’s Joe’s second favorite website.

Bucs news forthcoming.

Trent Richardson is “not outstanding.” [BSPNCleveland]

Jeff Fisher thinks Brian Schottenheimer will help Sam Bradford. Oh, boy. [SportsRadioInterviews]

When you have three quarterbacks, you have none. [Twitter]

America likes “Football Night in America.” [PFT]

The Rays and a TV revenue windfall. [RaysIndex]

2 Responses to “Morning Cup Of Joe”

  1. Big Rob Says:

    Am I the only person that can’t stand the whole SNF production? Especially the stupid intro song they felt they needed because MNF had one? If I hear “Hey Jack its a fact…” one more time I’m going to hurt my TV! UGH!

  2. Chris FWC Says:

    I wish a Jim Brown type of player would come around again. Talk about a MAN!