Morning Cup Of Joe

April 13th, 2012

Start your day with the Morning Cup of Joe from And don’t forget to visit for amazing videos, pictures and cool gifts. It’s Joe’s second favorite website.

Bucs news forthcoming.

The Dixie Chicks may be on “Hard Knocks” but playing in a new crib is looking to be much more difficult. [AJC]

Janoris Jenkins = Tanard Jackson. Don’t do it Mark Dominik. Don’t… [NFL]

Stephen Jones (Jerry’s son) says Felix Jones (no relation) will not be traded. [BSPNDallass]

Mike Wallace has suitors. Damned right he’s worth a first round pick. [Tribune-Review]

Man, Bobby Petrino was a horny old coot. He had his wife at home, a paramour down the hall (for $20,000 no less) and apparently, a busty brunette/biker babe/GOP strategist in Little Rock. Yes, you really must click the link to browse the photos. You too would be in a neck brace. [TheBigLead]

Bases loaded an no outs in the first inning, you’ve got to get at least one run home. [RaysIndex]

One Response to “Morning Cup Of Joe”

  1. bucthis Says:

    It took me awhile to look up and see Brenda’s pretty smile lol…Joe, has anyone even considered the possibility of the Buc’s moving up to 3 and maybe offering the vikes a 3rd round and a 6…the vikes would still get their guy either Kalii or Claiborne and get additional picks. The bucs would then get Richardson. I ay this cuz the Bucs could have him rated as the first or second best player in the draft….food for thought