No Tim Tebow For Bucs

March 19th, 2012

The moment Joe heard Peyton Manning was Denver-bound, Joe just knew there would be Bucs fans wondering aloud about the Bucs trading for Tebow.

The former Gators star is so popular in this state, that even yentas know of him… and like him. Why, as Joe was in his dermatologist’s office today, he heard the hired help talking amongst themselves about the Bucs maybe acquiring the southpaw.

Folks, it ain’t happening.

The Bucs organization is strongly if not 100 percent behind Josh Freeman, the Bucs starter. Bringing in Tebow would do nothing but muck up the waters here and become a major distraction.

Still, insiders among the NFL are trying to link Tebow and the Bucs. Take Shaun King, one of only three quarterbacks to lead the Bucs to an NFC Championship, who took to Twitter this morning and banged the drum for Tebow coming to Tampa Bay.

King, who will again appear on NBC Sports Network’s SportsTalk tonight at 6 p.m., and a replay at 11 p.m., believes Tebow will be an asset with the Bucs both off the field (ticket sales) and on the field.

@realshaunking: David carr was the #1 pick in the draft, do u think eli manning is worried that he is his backup?

Before Joe gets going here, Joe really likes King and thinks he’s a good guy with good information. But King Twittered the above on his flight to New York so Joe hopes the reason he put out such nonsense was that King had a few cocktails on his flight.

To compare David Carr backing up Eli Manning — who just won his second Super Bowl MVP award — with the Giants and Tebow potentially backing up Josh Freeman with the Bucs is absurd.

There might only be eight hardcore fans of Fresno State (where Carr played college ball) in the stands of Giants Stadium. Maybe. Here, Tebow, to a significant segment of the Bucs ticket fan base, is one step short of God for what he did in Gainesville.

Additionally, Carr was a complete flameout as a starter, partially because he was beaten to a pulp. Tebow actually led a team to a playoff win. Bucs fans are starved for a playoff berth.

With Tebow here, it would be an absolute circus, which football coaches loathe like an outbreak of eczema.

The phone lines on sports talk radio not to mention the stands of the stadium on Dale Mabry Highway would be filled with deafening chants for Tebow whenever Freeman forced a(nother) pass to Kellen Winslow.

And such nonsense would do nothing but hinder the development of Freeman.

No, Bucs rock star general manager Mark Dominik will have no part of Tebow. And for good reason.

Just turn the page on Tebow, Bucs/Gators fans.

103 Responses to “No Tim Tebow For Bucs”

  1. Chris FWC Says:

    Can he play safety? LOL!

  2. FloridaGirl Says:

    There’s a reason Shaun King is no longer a radio personality. He regularly has erroneous information or information of no value add. The Tebow to Bucs suggestion seems to fit in both of those categories. Not a good source.

  3. Jrock Says:

    The Jags would make the most sense to me, if he goes to a Florida team. Even though they have Gabbert and McCown over there, the gators play in Jacksonville every year which is a HUGE spit show, they would probably sell enough tix to lift those tarps off. Tebows following there is incredible.

    Realistically though, I wonder how much longer Tebow’s NFL career will be. Hell, I wonder if this is the path he really wants for his life anyways, honestly.

  4. canadianbuc Says:

    NOOOOO I personally hate tebow he seems like a good person but i dont like his style at quarter back first he cant throw for his life second you cant run a college offense in the NFL he cant throw in the pocket he scrambles under pressure and either fumbles or gets sacked and yes hes a great runner and can run run run but with the money we spent on Vincent Jackson a guy who catches the bomb ball makes no sense

  5. buCncRaZy Says:

    This is probably crazy but I would like to see them trade K2 for Freeney or Asante Samuel.
    I’d even send a late round to mid round pick!

  6. Joe Says:


    The Jags would make the most sense to me, if he goes to a Florida team.

    Joe knows some people with contacts from the inside with the Jags and they are adamant the Jags want nothing to do with him. Jags are determined to develop Blaine Gabbert, not cut his knees out from under him.

    The team that makes the most sense is the Dolphins because Stephen Ross is all about splash and he’s desperate for a quarterback.

  7. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Agree 100% Joe. Love Tebow, not for the Bucs.

  8. buCncRaZy Says:

    On the Tebow subject no way he is coming to Tampa, remember VJ contract it was all about 5!

  9. flmike Says:

    I’m starting to think that Shaun King wants to remain the sole African American QB to take the Buccaneers to the playoffs. Well, that is going to change in the near future.

  10. George Says:

    If Tebow wants to play FB or LB, I say go get him… but he’s not an NFL QB.

  11. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Technically…the Bucs DO need a running back.

    Seriously though…if we didn’t have Freeman, I would jump at the chance for Tebow.

    I think that kid is going to prove a lot of people wrong.

    Long as he doesn’t end up in our division, I’m fine.

    I could live with him here as a RB, but it would cause instant controversy.

  12. stevek Says:

    I would love to have Tebow back up Freeman.

    I wouldn’t trade anything for him, but I would much prefer him to be our backup QB.

    The guy has won more games then Josh Johnson.

  13. Have A Nice Day Says:

    Tebow didn’t lead anything. That defense led them to a play off win. Smothering.

  14. Joe Says:

    The guy has won more games then Josh Johnson.

    Can’t dispute that!

  15. Joe Says:

    Tebow didn’t lead anything. That defense led them to a play off win. Smothering.

    Who was that who was quarterbacking the Broncos last season on a last-minute 80-yard touchdown drive to win on Monday Night Football?

    It wasn’t Trent Dilfer!

  16. Dave Says:

    “Have A Nice Day Says:

    March 19th, 2012 at 4:50 pm
    Tebow didn’t lead anything. That defense led them to a play off win. Smothering.”

    QBs get the blame in losses even when defenses and others do it, so they get more than their share of adulation during a win (see Brady and his SB winning numbers). Taking nothing away from the all-time great that is Brady, but it is what it is. For that matter, Peyton manning’s SB win was not that great either.

    Regardless, Tebow is not coming here. Would love to see SOMEONE give him a 2 eyar window to prove himself though, just out of curiosity

  17. Have A Nice Day Says:

    @Joe Tebow had one drive. That defense was shutting it down the entire game.

  18. Phenom4498 Says:

    I cannot even believe there is a discussion about this

  19. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hell- bring him on! Freeman looked like hell last year. And in college. And didn’t win squat
    Tebow looked like hell last year. And in college. And has been a winner everytime he stepped on a field. The kid is a poor winner! I don’t care what anyone says- the Broncos made a mistake.

    I’m all for it! God likes this guy! Good enuff fer me!

  20. Steve From Oregon Says:

    Tebow as a BUC….I would have to consider finding another team to be my team.

    Luckily, there is absolutely no way we would trade for him… all is good in the world.

    I would like to see him sign with the Fins or Jags…if nothing else to spark their fanbases…..we know what its like to have nothing to look forward too….well, if youve been on the Bucs bandwagon a long time that is.

  21. Capt.Tim Says:

    Kid is a “born” winner! Damn iPhone!

  22. Joe Says:

    Have A Nice Day:

    @Joe Tebow had one drive. That defense was shutting it down the entire game.

    Was it Brian Griese who threw the touchdown pass in overtime to beat the Steelers in the playoffs?

    Look, Joe’s not advocating the Bucs sign Tebow, but the Broncos were dead in the water until Tebow took over the helm.

  23. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Listen, Tebow has major flaws that make him a major project. Tebow also has intangibles that are off the charts. Not to mention that he brings God to your squad.

    I would love to see him here but not as the starter.

    The jury is also out on Free, last year I saw mistakes that suggest that he has much more improving to do than I thought. Yes, RahRah the incompetent was his head coach, and for that he gets a mulligan. But to say Free is a bonafide franchise qb is foolish.

    I want Tebow to land in Jax where he is beloved.

  24. Phenom4498 Says:

    Oh Thomas just could not resist bringing his legal lingo in on this discussion too!!

  25. George Says:

    The God squad on here and everywhere else is hilarious… Millions of people starve, or are brutally murdered around the world, and where is God for that? Oh, he’s too busy helping his hand-picked QB save the NFL. And Rick Santorum is sane (chuckle).

  26. Jbag Says:

    @flmike. Ridiculous comment. Guess doug williams doesnt exist

  27. tylund Says:

    tebow would be a good back up unfortunately his popularity has ruined that chance for him. if he were on our team as back up free would have one bad game and the masses would want tebow to start

  28. Thomas2.2 Says:


    The good news is that Tebow will forgive you.

  29. Capt.Tim Says:

    George- so God’s murdering them?
    Don’t be ignorant. They are being murdered by people- who are choosing to do so. And it is being allowed to happen by other people- who let innocent people die, because
    they refuse to make a stand against the evil that some men commit.

    If you want a case study example- go read all the pu%%ies making excuses for Talib.

    If you are feeling morally wronged by the condition of your fellow man- get off yer ass, and go get a job that makes a difference! Go stand up to the people who want to kill you and your children- for what you believe- or what you possess!
    It’s dangerous- but it’s worth every second. This is just my opinion. But I think life is about making a stand.

    Or you can do nothing, and blame God, like a petulant child.

    Either way- Tim Tebow will keep winning. And, yeah, I kinda do believe it’s cause God likes him.
    I like him too! He makes his stand. He fights for the right things

    And mainly- he doesn’t just sit around and whine about how unfair everything is, without lifting a finger to change it

    It’s easy to make a difference. It really is.

  30. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Tebow just hasnt gotten around those starving and homeless, but he will. First he is addressing the prejudice that exists against inaccurrate former UF qbs wth poor mechanics and happy feet that are unable to read defenses while playing out of position.

    Priorities my friend!

  31. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Capt Tim:

    We could all start doing our civic duty by removing a morrally corrupt thug like Talib from this community and society.

    Fanatics are freaking out against a Grandma bc she has alleged that Talib, a thug, threatened her but that threat didnt make its way for an unknown reason into a police report – so she is called a shakedown artist and a money grabber – basically a liar?

    Why? Bc the accused plays for the hometown football team. Its senseless and sad.

  32. Bobby Says:

    George, sorry you feel that way about God buddy. Perhaps you should be more upset at satan. God gives us free will to do stupid stuff like murder, steal, etc. Perhaps you would like life better if everyone was just pre-programmed to never do anything stupid. Let’s just take their choices away. Your children always say they love you…but you don’t know whether they really do or not. It’s meaningless because they HAVE to love you….no choice involved. You wouldn’t be watching football because every game would end up in a tie…wouldn’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt. It would be life like the Stepford Wives.

    Bottom line is…we have free will and it can be used for good or evil. Where is God when people are starving? He’s in all the people who send food to help feed them and clothing to help clothe them. He’s in the people who reach out to the victims of crime and help them get their lives back together. He’s everywhere if you want to see him.

  33. higher728 Says:

    Freeman for Tebow, straight up. Do it.

  34. Drew Says:

    Will not happen and he has horrible throwing mechanics for a QB.

  35. Joe Says:


    Fanatics are freaking out against a Grandma bc she has alleged that Talib, a thug, threatened her but that threat didnt make its way for an unknown reason into a police report – so she is called a shakedown artist and a money grabber – basically a liar?

    Why? Bc the accused plays for the hometown football team. Its senseless and sad.

    The woman admitted she didn’t bring the suit until she knew Talib played for the Bucs, a full year after the alleged incident.

    That doesn’t smell fishy to you? If the alleged incident was so appalling, why wait one day to file suit? Who cares what a guilty party does for a living?

    And why did she suddenly come to believe she needed to file suit only after she learned he was in the NFL? So the crime (?) would have been trivial if Talib worked at Special Data Processing?

  36. Lion Says:

    He looks like he would make a darn good FB, but his ego would get in the way of that one.

  37. George Says:

    My comments re: God brought out the GodSquad as expected. In case you misunderstand me, I’m an atheist, so I believe in helping my fellow humans out of compassion for humanity… and I don’t believe there’s someone up there who gives a crap about a football player, or a starving child, or a murderer… which is why I find the whole Tebow thing absurd.

  38. below me Says:

    George….why all the hate? I’m not religious, but you come off as an anti-religious zealot. To me, you’re just as bad as the “bible thumpers”. Being anti-God, is your religion. As far as Tebow…best of luck to the kid, but the whole topic is as boring and played out as the predictable/tired jokes that follow. Until he is a Buc (which will never happen) I don’t care where he goes. Savvy? xoxo

  39. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Tebow would fit well as Cam Newton’s backup in Carolina. Similar players, and if Cam goes down, they can lean on their 3-headed rushing attack. And the bucs would sell out at least a game a year.

    Everyone’s a winner!!!

  40. passthebuc Says:

    @ George. you should be ashamed for being honest. I mean, how would people live if they did not have some crutch to fall back on.

  41. BucFan20 Says:

    If our local Paralegal had the chance to represent Talib, , You could bet your bottom dollar he would take every penny he could! Hey. If we bring in Tebow, he could put Talib on the proper path. No. Never mind. Thomass almighty would say Talib is the only person it would not work for.

    No Tebow circus here!!

  42. Drew Says:

    @Bobby Dude! God gave us free will to chose? Right on target and I was bashed by a Bible Thumper on this site for stating the same thing.

  43. Capt.Tim Says:

    George- I don’t care what you believe. I really don’t.
    My statement follows yours- if you feel that ad about injustice in the world- what are you doing about?
    If you are in the military- out there defending hearth and home- then I salute you
    If you are a cop, fireman, etc- helping protect- then I thank you!
    If yet too old to do those jobs- do you find a way to support those that do them, and are willing to risk their life’s for you? Then good job!

    But, if your just sitting on yer ass, bellyaching, looking to blame someone else,
    Then- get up, and go do something about!
    And it won’t matter what ya believe- because then you’ll believe in yourself

    If you aren’t doing something to make things better, for those less fortunate- then why are you here? Why waste being an able bodied man?

    Are you just living, to see how many nachoes you can eat, before you die?

    Anybody wanna bet who gets to a SuperBowl first, Tebow or Freeman??
    If you paused for even a moment, then it’s worth thinking about!

  44. George Says:

    I didn’t pause.

  45. JT Says:

    I really feel sorry for the fans of the team that trade for Tebow to be their starting QB. His heart is not in the game therefor he does not dedicate himself to the game to be good at it.

  46. Big Picture Guy Says:

    ^ That’s just plain wrong, and ignorant.

  47. BucFan20 Says:

    Neither one gets to the SuperBowl. No pause at all.

  48. BKNYfootballhead Says:

    @Capt. Tim
    I paused when you mentioned nachos.

  49. Capt.Tim Says:

    Damnit!! It’s sad, and true! I paused longer over the Nachoes, then I did over Tebow, Freeman, or battling evil!

    And buffalo wings woulda crashed my entire rambling train of thought

  50. JT Says:

    @Big Picture Guy…

    My post is accurate, if Tebow spent as much of his off time learning/studying football he could be a good QB. He spends all his “spare” time talking about religion. If he spent that time learning to read a defense and understand when to get rid of the ball or run he would improve his game. He is not dedicated to the game! If Tebow was a Muslim he would have gone undrafted and would not even have been talked about. That’s sad but true

  51. David Says:

    I wouldn’t trade a bag of beans for that kid.

  52. Mr Lucky Says:

    JT You have demonstrated to the whole world what an ignoramus you really are. Just click on this link from yahoo sports and read what Tebow’s current QB coach said about him:

    Hell I’d take Tebow for Freeman straight up in a heartbeat – damn the mechanics. Players with heart and will and LEADERS. That’s what wins in the NFL.

  53. Mr Lucky Says:

    For all you who have Freeman hard-ons how about trading Benn to Denver for Tebow?

    What are you worried about – that Freeman can’t handle the pressure? I guess since you all say that Winslow ‘demanding’ the ball is too much for Freeman to handle I guess he would just crumble with Tebow on the team right?

  54. JT Says:

    @Mr Lucky

    I will take a QB that takes chances and has proved to LEAD a game winning drive over a QB that refuses to take a chance and becomes a glorified RB when challenged.

  55. Eric Says:

    I’d take tebow in a heartbeat. He can win if free gets hurt and compete if he plays poorly.

    So the fans would support him, are the bucs players such wusses they can’t take that?

    He’s won bigger games than josh freeman ever has.

  56. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey Eric I’ll bet that the Bucs could get Tebow for Benn straight up!

    @JT – taking chances at the QB position results in turnovers and losing the turnover battle usually results in a loss.

  57. Brain Says:

    No Tebow cause he’s gonna be traded and we’re better off signing someone. Tebow would be nice as a developmental project, a locker-room glue guy and maybe even a special teamer and H-back (why not?) but all that isn’t worth losing a draft pick.

  58. JT Says:

    His team won bigger games not him. Thats the misconception. Tebow throws a 7yd pass that a receiver breaks for 74yds and the QB gets the credit. That is not the same a Manning throwing a 37yd pass where the receiver makes a great catch to lead his team to a Super Bowl win… The team won in spite of Tebows flaws.

  59. Capt.Tim Says:

    Eric- yup! Tebow has came thru on the biggest stages. Ya can’t teach that.
    I personally like the kid!

    But, right now, I’d trade Tebow and Freman both- for 20 hot wings, and order of nachoes- and a couple pitchers!!

    Where can you even find great nachoes anymore?
    They took’em off the menu at Hooters!

  60. Drew Says:

    Tebow had a 9% completion. At that rate he wouldn’t be able to hit Godzilla between the numbers if he was wide open and allowed on the same field as Tebow. Absolutely love the kids heart and desire, but Freeman has the same heart and desire as Tebow.

  61. YouGuysAreIdiots Says:

    For those actually considering Tebow over Freeman, need to get vasectomies to keep from reproducing. I could see Tebow coming here trying out as a TE but that’s it.

    And for those that say “he’ll bring God here”, make me sad that there are people in this point in time who still think that way. God is with everyone, except for Talib.

    Maybe Tebow should go the Rock Star route – sell his soul, and watch his numbers skyrocket to HOF status. Like Jerry Rice did.

  62. Eric Says:

    I guess the national championship was a fluke too!

    If Denver had such a winning defense why were they losing before tebow took over?

    He’s a winner.

    Now I can’t fault taking manning but tebow vs. freeman is close. Real close.

  63. Mr Lucky Says:

    Unfortunately the Bucs management can’t realize the $$$ that Tebow would bring to the team. I suspect that Tebow goes to Jacksonville.

    Smart minds suspect that Bellicheck gets Tebow as a project in NE for something like a 2nd round pick. Given Bellicheck’s past history it would probably work out well for the Pats and Tebow as well.

  64. Pete Dutcher Says:

    “George Says:
    March 19th, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    The God squad on here and everywhere else is hilarious… Millions of people starve, or are brutally murdered around the world, and where is God for that?”

    “George Says:
    March 19th, 2012 at 6:59 pm

    My comments re: God brought out the GodSquad as expected. In case you misunderstand me, I’m an atheist, so I believe in helping my fellow humans out of compassion for humanity… and I don’t believe there’s someone up there who gives a crap about a football player, or a starving child, or a murderer… which is why I find the whole Tebow thing absurd.”

    I would imagine you’ll change your mind about being an atheist when you are face-to-face with him. Your statement’s merely show a lack of understanding.

    Answer this though…are you pro US Constitution?

    Because that document gives you the right to believe as you wish, and gives others the right to believe as they wish. So…why is it that you speak out against Tebow or the “God Squad”?

    Is it offensive to you that people in the USA exercise their rights?

    And by the way…there is no such thing as an atheist. And atheist is someone who does not believe in ANYTHING. You yourself said “…I believe in helping my fellow humans out of compassion for humanity…”

    That statement disqualifies you as an atheist.

    “Millions of people starve, or are brutally murdered around the world, and where is God for that?”

    Funny thing. He sent his son to feed the starving, heal the sick…and man murdered him. It’s not like the effort wasn’t made. Shoot, he felt thousands at a time.

    It’s the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy…I think you are pointing fingers in the wrong direction.

    And free will is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? Funny thing about it…we all have it…even the murderers, tyrants and atheists.

  65. Pete Dutcher Says:

    On Tebow…is Freeman were a few years older, I would say go for it. It couldn’t hurt to have Tebow as a backup. But seeing as Freeman is not established yet, the last thing we need is controversy.

  66. Drew Says:

    Sorry Pete, but a clarification of the definition is needed on this one.

    Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities.[1] In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities.[2][3] Most inclusively, atheism is simply the absence of belief that any deities exist.[3][4] Atheism is contrasted with theism,[5][6] which in its most general form is the belief that at least one deity exists.[6][7]

  67. Thomas2.2 Says:


    I realize that you are not an attorney. The attorney advises the client when it is appropriate to file suit, not vice versa.

    I guarantee you that the attorneys knew well before they decided to file suit that Talib was a Buc. I am sure that they attempted to settle the case with Talib, counsel and/or his auto insurers – not until it was clear that pre-lawsuit settlement was unlikely – did the attorneys make the attorneys advise the client that it was appropriate to file suit.

    That is the standard procedure that happen countless times daily: attempt to resolve the claim presuit, if you can’t you file the suit and litigate. This is not fishy.

    The claim doesn’t magically get more valuable simply because suit is filed, filing suit just advances the case toward a posture where a judge or jury can resolve it for you if you can’t on your own. Litigation is expensive, plaintiffs attorneys advance costs and withhold payment until the end of the case.

    Civil Suits are almost never filed 1 day after the incident because an investigation precedes a presuit negotiation which frequently takes a year or more.

    Stop trying to twist facts against Grandma and for the repeat offender simply because he plays for your team.

  68. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah, there are some guys, that are just winners. No matter how unlikely!
    Sonny Jurgensen, Doug Flutie, Joe Theisman, Jim Zorn.
    There is a long list of QBs that- by all standard talent evaluations, should not have been successful in the NFL. Yet they were successful.

    The list of guys who were projected to be huge winners, yet failed, is ten times as long.
    It is an in exact science- the art of judging a QB. Because too much is made if being a 1/2″ taller, and too little values placed on having the heart of a warrior!

    Tebow goes out, and plays to win! He takes the big Shot, and gets up ready to go. That inspires his team, beyond any measurable effect. You could see The Broncos come to life, once Tebow was their QB.

    I like Freeman. He has huge talent.

    But the Broncos looked as bad as the Bucs, til Tebow started. Then, they thought they would win every game.

    There have been other QBs that made their teams feel that way.
    And they are the legends of the game- the absolute best QBs of all time.

    I won’t count Tebow out. I’m not a Gator fan at all, but to deny this guys will to win is rediculious! He will be a winner in this league !

    Hell, he is already!

  69. Capt.Tim Says:

    Geez, we are having to work hard tonight, to get a good argument going!
    Even the Talib post only ruffled a few feathers!

    Gonna have to go with a Ruud sighting tomorrow.

    Or Meybe a Good ole Raheem story.

    Man! I’m ready for the draft ta get here!

  70. Patrick Says:

    Jags should get him. Blaine Gabbert was the worst selection of a QB in the 1st round, really. Guy was AWFUL last year. Tebow has flaws too, but the guy is great for a locker room and has big potential.

    Tebow deserves so much better. The guy is so positive about everything and Elway treated him like sh!t the whole he was in Denver.

  71. Drew Says:

    With you on the draft Cap and should not be misconstrued as a Cap in the arse. LMFAO…

  72. Crotch McGee Says:

    If you could bring Tebow here the upside would be amazing. Instant national interest, full endorsement of Gator Nation including no less than 10k plus additional seats filled each game, a short yardage/ goalline solution and a wild horse weapon for Sully to wreak havoc with. The downside would be catastrophic as any time J Fro stubbed his toe the pressure to have Timmy Time under center would be suffocating. No chance Dominique slows his post season roll by entertaining that circus. Jags should deal Gabbert to Denver straight up. King Kahn can then kneel before his holiness while Blaine can develop as mannings prodigy at qb mountain U.

  73. Mr Lucky Says:

    Crotch I agree with you regarding the destination for Tebow, it makes sense to have Tim on a run first team and with MJD it’s a great fit – except for the Blaine Gabbert part; Gabbert didn’t show much upside at all last year.

    Personally I don’t think that contraversy on a team is bad; in fact I think that it can be good for competition. Right now Freeman doesn’t have anyone pushing him.

    One think I heard today on Sirius radio was an interview about on of the receivers who worked with Peyton Manning and he told the guys that Manning was a real ball buster. Freeman is just too young and not going to push the team like they need to be pushed

  74. eric Says:

    Freeman should back up tebow not the other way around.

  75. gotbbucs Says:

    Signing Tebow as a backup is such a PR nightmare it isn’t even funny. It might sell some jerseys and tickets early, but it will backfire because whether you can see it or not, he is an awful pro QB. He sailed through a perfect storm last year.
    Denver wanted to get rid of him so bad that they gave a 36 year old bobble head doll QB $95 million dollars to come in and make him go away. Unless some of you honestly think you know more about what it takes to be an NFL QB than John Elway that is.

  76. Capt.Tim Says:

    Hmm, Tebow has made a career of sailing thru perfect storms!
    After so many trips- it stops being luck.

    I’m with Eric. Freeman may have more gifts, but he hasn’t accomplished anything with them so far.

    Tebow= wins.
    Ugly, non traditional, unconventional.
    But wins

    But I’ll take it over all those beautiful loses we piled up last year!!

    Lmao! Now that would be exciting!

  77. gotbbucs Says:

    I think my favorite thing about this damn Tim Tebow obsession is that every other player in the NFL is judged and evaluated based on their stats, but not little Timmy Tebow.
    Dude throws for 1700 yards, 12 TD’s, 6 INT’s, 7 fumbles, 46% passer, and that’s something you people want as your starting QB? He was a 40% passer in the playoffs, 34% against the worst pass defense in the league ( Patriots). This is with teams completely selling out to stop the run also.
    This is the most idiotic conversation so far this year, and it’s not even close.

  78. Capt.Tim Says:

    Yeah- I do know more than Elway!
    Since when did anybody think that Knuckle head was smart??

    He just got rid of a QB that got him in the playoffs.

    He just paid 90+ million to a QB with a damaged neck, reduced arm strength, and a ” one Good shot and drop” probability of 70%

    And Peyton is how old?? With a broken neck.

    That’s planning for the Future!

    Meybe they can find a broken back RB, to help ’em out!

    And as sad as it is- I bet Tebow woulda put more butts in the seats!

    Bring on TEBOW!! Tampa Bay is ready to live in the Spotlight!!

    Sat games, Thursday games, Monday night games!

    America can’t get enough of that kid! Every player on our team would be a household name!!

    LOL – I’ve almost convinced myself!

  79. gotbbucs Says:

    Capt, lets pick up this conversation next year after the season and we’ll see what happens. If he’s as good as you think he is then I will be more than happy to admit defeat.

    I will give Tebow one thing, he confounds the living sh!t out of me. He’s easily the worst QB in the NFL, and maybe the best football player, if that’s even possible. Anybody who doesn’t believe in God need not look any farther than Tim Tebow as proof that He exists, because there really is no other explanation.

  80. MikeNice Says:

    Are you Tebow fan’s serious about this? You would honestly rather have him as the Bucs starting QB over Freeman? That is absolutely absurd. The man cannot throw a football at the NFL level. Period. End of story. He took a bunch of defenses by surprise last season and came out with some clutch wins, but after a full of season of studying the tapes I promise you that defensive coordinators will humble Tim Tebow. Tebow over Freeman? Really? Some Bucs fans are starting to scare me.

  81. OB Says:

    Joe, it wuld not work for another reason, his dog is named Bronco and if he came here, it would make it a Buc n Bronco.

  82. Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    The Bottom Line is our Tampa Football Team is a business, and Tebow will fill the stands. Tampa Stadium will be full on Sundays, and the Bucs will be the talk of the NFL if Tebow comes to play here.

  83. MikeNice Says:

    So fans want the Bucs to be the talk of NFL compliments of Tim Tebow? He is quite possibly the worst first string QB in the NFL. I would much rather have the Bucs be the talk of the NFL for being a great football team that wins championships. Great football and championships, for that is all I wish for as a fan. Tim Tebow may provide interesting football that I will not deny, but he cannot bring championships to Tampa; therefore, I don’t want him on our team. I can’t guarantee Josh Freeman can provide us championships, but he surely proved he can provide great football and he seems to have the skills necessary to be an excellent QB.

  84. Oahubuc Says:

    Do we know he’s worse than Freeman? Sure don’t. Though your point is spot on, Joe. Tebow’s heart is not in the game??? Wow LMFAO.

  85. Lion Says:

    Tim Tebow is a terrible QB and all of you who think he should come to the Buc’s must bee hitting the crack rock a little too much. Just because you are Gator fan doesn’t mean Tim Tebow is a good quarterback, my goodness people.

    He is hands down the worst QB in the NFL, that includes backup’s and all. Sure he won a few games in the spread offense, but without that defense and his receivers bailing him out he never would have won a game. The Tebow-type winning like last year is completely unsustainable in the NFL.

    Remember when no one could stop the wild cat the first year? What happened the next, everyone and their momma had the solution to that garbage and look how fast that offense became obsolete. If he were willing to switch to fullback or tight end, he might just end up with a long career in the NFL. But he won’t cut it as a QB in this league.

  86. Lion Says:

    In 2010, the Buc’s won 10 games because of the play of Josh Freeman. In 2011 the Bronco’s won 10 games and its NOT because Tim Tebow is a good quarterback. Why the hell do you guys want a player who his former team was looking for whatever and any reason they could to get rid of Tebow, they didn’t want him and they knew they couldn’t cut him because the idiot fans would start an uproar. Denver will be LUCKY if they manage to get 3rd round pick out of him, my bet is a 4th rounder.

  87. Lion Says:

    In 2010, the Buc’s won 10 games because of the play of Josh Freeman. In 2011 the Bronco’s won 10 games and its NOT because Tim Tebow is a good quarterback. Why the hell do you guys want a player who his former team was looking for whatever and any reason they could to get rid of Tebow, they didn’t want him and they knew they couldn’t cut him because the idiot fans would start an uproar. Denver will be LUCKY if they manage to get 3rd round pick out of him, my bet is a 4th rounder.

  88. Lion Says:

    In 2010, the Buc’s won 10 games because of the play of Josh Freeman. You can’t say the Bronco’s won 10 games last year because Tim Tebow was a good QB.

  89. HFXBUC Says:

    Amazing Tebow, how sweet the sound,
    That saved a wretch like me.
    I once was lost but now am found,
    Was blind, but now I see.
    T’was Tebow that taught my heart to fear.
    And Tebpw, my fears relieved.
    How precious did that Tebow appear
    The hour I first believed.
    Through many dangers, toils and snares
    I have already come;
    ‘Tis Tebow that brought me safe thus far
    and Tebow will lead me home.
    The Tebow has promised good to me.
    His word my hope secures.
    He will my shield and portion be,
    As long as life endures.

  90. Northend Says:

    joe,save this thread.Classic!! We got race,religion,politics,world events,football,comedy…. Those are just a sample of the circus that comes with Tebow.Didnt we try a gator Qb in the past (Spurrier)? Howd that work out? Everyone knows you need a Nole at the helm if you want a ring!

  91. BigMacAttack Says:

    Looks like George waded into the shark tank and was eaten alive.

    I would love to have Tebow in Tampa as a Fullback or H Back. He is strong and can block or get 2 yards that Blount and Lorig can’t.

    I would not trade more than a 7’th round pick or Quincy Black for him.

    Tebow must be overpaid and needs a more commensurate salary.

    Tebow is a winner and would sell seats. He needs to come to Tampa

    Rick Santorum is an idiot for wanting to ban Porn. He would lose 85% of the Republican base.

  92. rdbucfan Says:

    I’m glad all of you Tebow haters are not NFL GM’s. If you were John Elway would have never played after his first season. Tim Tebow had both better statistics and more wins than John Elway in his first season.

    Lion, talk about contradiction. In one sentence the only reason Tim Tebow won any games was that everybody else on the team was responsible for the win in the next sentence you say the exact opposite saying that the only reason the bucs won 10 games was because of Josh Freeman. I love how you look at things.

    To those that said it was the defense and running game that won all of the games in Denver, where was the defense and running game while the NFL QB Kyle (neckbeard) Orton?

    That’s right both the defense and the running game were not as good when Orton was the QB. Why was that you ask?

    The running game improved because of the read option that Tebow brought to the game plan. Most of you were correct in that teams had trouble defending it. This gave Denver the best rushing attack in the NFL at least most rushing yards a game. These additional rushing yards ate up clock and gave the defense a lot more rest than they were getting while Orton was the QB.

    Those that say NFL defenses can now game plan for it just like the Wildcat, the read option or spread option offense is nothing like the wildcat. So are you going to tell me that defenses will now be able to game plan for Cam Newton?

    The same Cam Newton that left Florida because he knew he could never beat Tim Tebow out for the starting QB job at UF. That’s a guy I want to root for a quitter. Tim Tebow has one of the best QB ratings in College Football History and you’re hero Josh Freeman was marginal at best in College. I’m not saying I want Tim Tebow here in Tampa, I don’t think it’s the right move. I’m all in for Freeman like every other fan in Tampa. I hope he is the franchise QB we have all dreamed of. But to bash Tim and say he is not an NFL caliber QB is wrong. He was accomplished more in 1 season than Josh Freeman has in 3. Don’t tell me that Tim had a better team. I believe Denver’s record over the last 3 years is just as bad if not worse than the bucs.

  93. Bobby Says:

    I would love to see Tebow as a Buc. You can’t have enough guys like that in the locker room. He’s a winner and it’s contagious. He could learn from Sullivan and I believe that Tebow will turn out to be a very good QB. No one will work harder than he will and I believe that he would make a great backup QB and eventually a good starting QB. You don’t do what he did in the SEC without talent. He just needs a team that believes in him and gives him time to develop. I’d think he’d be a much better backup than Johnson and they could use Freeman in some wildcat formations the same way they used Johnson. He would be a huge draw for Raymond James. His fan base is massive in Florida.

  94. Bobby Says:

    ^could use ‘Tebow’ in some wildcat formations…

  95. George Says:

    @Pete, you certainly have the right to believe in ghosts and imaginary spirits and I will defend your right to believe in them… I also reserve the right to express my disdain for religion.

    And your statement “atheist is someone who does not believe in ANYTHING” is (a) incorrect, and (b) idiotic… It is a person who does not believe in god or gods… Now you can continue to demonstrate your ignorance by making incorrect statements about atheism. That puts you in the same boat with about 90% of christians.

  96. Mikenice Says:

    My conclusion. Some Bucs fans are idiots. Or maybe its just the Gator fans. But keep Tebow the eff out of Tampa!

  97. Eric Says:

    Broncos were 1-4 before tebow.

    That isn’t a coincidence.

    And im a nole fan!

  98. Kujolw Says:

    Lets take him and put him at FB lol. Grahams getting old and coming off injury and Tebow will help sell tickets.

  99. ScottB Says:

    I have a hunch that all of the people claiming that Tebow is going to lead another team to a Super Bowl or to any type of success are the same ones that cried when Chris Simms was let lose and made the same claims.

  100. Eric Says:

    Actually ,the tebow haters are the group that thought Raheem Morris was gonna be like chuck noll or Tom Landry.


  101. MikeNice Says:

    The Broncos being 1-4 before Tebow started is indeed a coincidence. The way the Broncos defense were playing all Tebow had to do was score a touchdown and get in field goal range a few times and they would come out on top. He got lucky against the Steelers in the playoffs. Does anybody remember the following week against the Patriots? lol. And you want that man as your QB? Trash, trash, trash!

  102. MikeNice Says:

    I’m not a Tebow hater, I love Tebow and his whole story. But Tim Tebow as an NFL QB is a complete joke. I personally do not want a joke starting as the Bucs QB.

  103. Bobby Says:

    George, it’s OK to not believe in God. People thought the earth was flat once too…It’s not by the way. Science has shown us so much and actually demonstrates that the intelligence behind the design of creation is pointing to the fact that there has to be a designer. But that’s OK. You can stay with your belief that God doesn’t exist. Like I said…they thought the earth was flat before there was proof otherwise.