“He Didn’t Throw Many Bouquets At LeGarrette”

March 31st, 2012

Much was made about Greg Schiano’s comments about ball security during a discussion of LeGarrette Blount and Trent Richardson at the NFL owners meetings last week. It was widely interpreted as a shot at Blount, though Joe saw it more as a gentle poke.

In this WDAE-AM 620 audio below, TampaBay.com Bucs beat writer Rick Stroud joined Todd Wright and gave his impressions of the Schiano chat about Blount. “He didn’t throw many bouquets at LeGarrette,” Stroud said.

There’s much more to the audio, including Stroud’s take on a topic Joe found boring: why Team Glazer abstained from voting in the case of the Cowboys-Redskins league sanctions.

5 Responses to ““He Didn’t Throw Many Bouquets At LeGarrette””

  1. Thomas2.2 Says:

    Only a fanatic, not a professional responsible for delivering winning football, would throw bouquets at Blount.

    He is a one dimensional fumbler. You don’t win consistently with players like him. Rumor is also that he is not a hard worker which could explain the fumbling.

    He is a nice backup RB – give him his 10 carries per game in the right situations.

    You don’t build a franchise around him.

  2. BucFan20 Says:

    Well let’s talk about fumbles. Let me break it down for you.
    Blount in 14 games 2011. 5 total.
    NO.– 1 Tenn. — 2 Jax. — 2
    Now let’s look at Freeman.
    Det.– 2 Tenn. — 2 Jax. — 2 Dal. –1 Car. — 1 Atl. — 1. Total 9.
    Now going back to 2008 Freeman has fumbled 27 times. You want to talk about ball security who is worse. Just in Fumbles not including interceptions???
    With the new coaches Blount will be fine. I would worry more about Freeman.

  3. Big Picture Guy Says:

    Why does Mel Kiper think the bucs went 5-11 and this Blount’s name is spelled LaGarrette?

    He is sooome expert!

  4. Paul Says:


    “Rumor is also that he is not a hard worker” What?? Link please.

    Blount is always at one buc place, even in the offseason.

  5. Pete Dutcher Says:

    Thomas is referring to a former coach (unidentified) who supposedly told SI that Blount and others were consistently late to meetings. I highly doubt it was “consistently”. And a fired coach who has no fear of being identified would have no problem talking out his butt.

    And so far as the fumbling…it is not nearly so bad as Thomas makes out…and Blount is more than one dimensional. He started catching passes last year. He’ll get better…JUST LIKE ALSTOTT DID (who had more fumbles his first 2 years I think).

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