Morning Cup Of Joe

April 25th, 2011

Bucs news forthcoming.

Dolphins players not shocked at Brandon Marshall stabbing. [Miami Herald]

The Bengals suck at the draft. [Cincinnati]

The Cardinals are hurting for linebackers. [AZCentral]

Tony La Russa’s daughter is now an Oakland Raiders cheerleader. Comments with the wooden bat jokes. [TheBigLead]

About those peeps your kids ate yesterday… [Consumerist]

Cops don’t like it when you bark at their dogs but it may be protected speech. [Denver Post]

What the hell is sign spinning? [Orlando Sentinel]

A Soviet journalist (no, not BSPN) who 25 years ago didn’t give a damn about radiation poisoning or glowing in the dark. [MSNBC]

Way cool back page cover of today’s Chicago Sun-Times. [TwitPic]

So your excuse for getting busted for a DUI was that you had to break in your false teeth at KFC? [Herald Sun]

Six-year old takes family car for a spin. You can imagine the results. [Oregon Live]

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