Morning Cup Of Joe

April 19th, 2011

Bucs news forthcoming.

Do the Packers have something up their sleeve? [JSOnline]

The Rams had nearly as bad of a draft in 2008 as the Bucs. [STLToday]

If it takes the Feds to force BSPN to upgrade its programming, so be it. Say goodbye to chickensh!t, boring arse, waste of electricity poker on TV. Now BSPN will be forced to actually broadcast great games from the past on BSPN Classic. Eat it Bristol! [Bloomberg]

Bradenton man threatens wife, holds cops at bay with a sword. [Patch]

It’s kind of tricky driving when you are trying to iron your clothes. [Daily Mail]

Moms are increasingly a safety hazard to children. [MSNBC]

3 Responses to “Morning Cup Of Joe”

  1. Weneeddefense Says:

    Joe this borderline naked. As much as I love it, this has to be NSFW.

  2. JAS Says:

    Who is that porker?

  3. Dave Says:

    Personally I enjoy the World Series of Poker and have no idea why the US is the only country in the world trying ban online gaming.

    Of course, I don’t get the gambling ban period. If someone wants to go gamble away their whole paycheck, their peragotive. The Libertarian part of me I guess.

    Actually, I do get it…. Uncle Sam can’t figure the best way to tax it.