Morning Cup Of Joe

October 19th, 2010

stacy kiebler 2Bucs news forthcoming.

Paraglider takes out hot-air balloon. [NAZToday]

The Rays need to somehow use this photo. Awesome! [Telegraph]

A kind, polite thief. [CNet]

Don’t f’ with barracuda while diving. It helps also not to f’ with them while kayaking. [Sun Sentinel]

Stashing ammo in a smokehouse just isn’t smart. [WDBJ7]

Flashing women in park screams that Al-Qaeda is coming to kill zoo animals. [Charlotte Observer]

Apparently, gays like Toby Keith, Ted Nugent and Metallica. Who knew? [LoveGodsWay]

Cool:  Someone leaves a can outside a bank filled with tin foil and rubber bands to see what would happen. Yup. Here comes the bomb squad. [WDTN]

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